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23 Things You Most Probably Don’t Know About Air Jordans
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23 Things You Most Probably Don’t Know About Air Jordans 

Michael Jordan , surely one of the greatest names in history of basketball has a huge fanbase. But Jordan brand and its legacy is full of controversies and other underground facts which many fans don’t know about. These mind boggling facts are surely going to make you dive deeper into Jordan’s sneaker history..

Here are 23 facts you might not know about Air Jordans.

1. Michael Jordan wanted to sign with Adidas over Nike.

michael jordan

During his early stages of balling when he left University of North Carolina in 1984 he described himself as “Adidas Nut” and exclaimed that even if German company closed the deal he’d sign for them. Later they didn’t sign him and lost a golden opportunity. 1970s was the era of Adidas so everyone wanted to be aligned with Adidad and Michael was no exception.

2. Story behind Air Jordan “Wings” logo.

air jordan wings logo

Jordan wings logo with a basketball was made by Peter Moore of Nike in spur of the moment and “Air Jordan” name was conceived of by David Falk. Falk wanted to treat Jordan as tennis player not basketball player because tennis players were only getting signature products back in the day.

3. Michael Jordan didn’t like the Air Jordan 1 Bred colorway.

air  jordan 1 bred

The shoe which is one of the hottest pieces in 2020 wasn’t liked by Michael . He told that the shoe looked as if it was painted in devil colors.

Imagine a sneakerheads life without black and red Jordan sneakers!?

4. People thought Air Jordan 1 wouldn’t sell.

air jordan 1 chicago

This fact is one of the most horrifying one though.Hope anyone could have gone back in time to tell those people the prices of AJ1 in 2020.

AJ1 was released when Michael was still in his rookie year and was released at price of $65. But later when is career took flight AJ1 disappeared from the shelves as soon they were released.

5. Air Jordan 2 didn’t have a swoosh.

air jordan 2

Back in the day design were of utmost important and not logos. Though it was a brave move by Nike without a logo on a shoe but it did usher at that time.

6. Air Jordan 2 was first luxury basketball sneaker.

air jordan 2

Italy is known for its premium leather and designer works.Air Jordan 2 was the only shoe to be made in Italy . Thanks to the premium faux lizard skin in the upper and design inspiration from women’s boot .

7. Air Jordan 3 stopped Jordan from leaving Nike.

air jordan 3 black cement

Nike and Jordan deal wasn’t doing well in initial days of their signing and after resigning of Nike’s two main brains Peter Moore and Rob Strasser Michael thought it was an end to their deal. But later Tinker Hatfield entered into the scene who changed the Jordan scenario by launching Jordan 3 .Also Michael’s dad told him that Nike had his best interest.

8. First 3M detailing on any Jordan shoe was done on Air Jordan 5.

air jordan 5

Air Jordan 5 was the first to feature 3M courtesy of Tinker Hatfield. He made the tongue a bit bigger and made it flashier and shiny to represent Michael’s rockstar life fame.

9. Michael Jordan was injured in Air Jordan 6 but he didn’t care.

air jordan 6 infrared

During 1991 NBA finals against Magic and Company Jordan was injured wearing his VIs. On being asked by the staff to make a special shoe to prevent his injury he told them “give me the pain.”

10. Story behind Hare Jordan campaign with Bugs Bunny.

air jordan 6 hare

Air Jordan collaborated with the hottest star back then – Bugs Bunny. The Jordan 7 1992 in Bugs Bunny campaign was minute-long advertisement featured Bugs recruiting Jordan to help with some pesky ballers disturbing his rest. This ad was quite an investment in 1992 and costed the company $1 million , six months to make and 3000 illustrations by 25 different artists.

11. Even after Jordan’s retirement Hatfields continued designing Jordans.

tinker hatfield

After the NBA star left basketball and continued to follow baseball full time,  Hatfield was told to stop with Jordan designs. But Hatfield thought Michael and his love for hoops was inseparable and continued designing them as if he never retired. His passion for Jordans kept the line going till now , otherwise Jordan might have been dormant after VIII.

12. Michael Jordan was disappointed with AJ X.

air jordan 10

Michael Jordan was not happy with Air Jordan 10 as it was not made according to his expectations. When Hatfield showed the design he told he was not happy with it and wanted it to change. The shoe had a strip of leather across the toe which Michael didn’t like. Later he made alterations to the shoe with Tinker and jokingly said that he would bridge the financial separations if the shoe didn’t made it well in the market.

13. Lawn Mower was the inspiration behing AJ XI.

air jordan 11

Tinker Hatfield drew inspiratiom from strange things around him and this led to birth of most iconic silhouette.Patent leather on Jordan XIs was first to be featured and ever since has become brands staple. This leather served functional purpose on XI’s and made it resemble a lawn mower.

14. Michael wore AJ XI against Nike’s wishes.

air jordan 11

During Bulls playoff in 1995 Tinker unveiled the Concord XI’s. Jordan was so excited about the shoe that against Tinker’s wishes he wore them on court and forced Nike to go with sample version design for following season. The hype around Concords was so crazy that their actual release in the fall was chaos.

15. Air Jordan XI was worn with suits back in the day.

air jordan 11

The smooth patent leather on XI’s made Michael predict that the shoe would be paired with suits.The Boyz II Men awards show appearance where they rocked the “Concords” and made XI’s the most iconic shoe of all time. The combination of materials used on this shoe made this one of MJ’s favorite pair.

16. Creation of Jordan Brand.

air jordan logo

Air Jordan XIII was released under the name of Jordan brand for the first time. It was a dream for David Falk and always wanted to see this.The shoes rolled out alongside Air Jordan Trainers and Team Jordans which made the lineup more than a signature shoe brand.

17. Michael Jordan wore AJ1 in 1998.

air jordan 1

When Michael was on the verge of retiring he rocked his games with AJ1 on foot. It was a long time since the release of his first signature pair and had a long history for the player himself. During his likely to be last game in Madison square on March 8 , 1998  he finished with 47 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals, and some seriously sore feet.

18. Michael Jordan’s statue with Air Jordan IX’s.

The most less talked about shoe in Jordan lineup is Jordan IX. When it came to design Jordan’s statue outside United Centre AJ IX were selected due to its distinct outsole. Michael never wore IX’s  when he was a  part of the Bulls.

19. Air Jordan XVII was first $200 basketball shoe.

air jordan 17

Jordan brand has achieved many feats during its course one of them being a $200 basketball shoe. This shoe came with a briefcase and an interactive CD.Foot Locker complained the brand about high price tags on the shoe.  The brawl between Foot Locker and brand resulted in limited selling of shoes from the Jordan brand for a while.

20. Michael didn’t like the idea of AJ XIX to be inspired by snakes.

air jordan19

MJ didn’t want to  his shoes to be  inspired from snakes. This led Jordan brand to completely change its marketing plan of black mamba inspired Jordan XIX’s. Reason behind this was that Michael was afraid of snakes. Kobe Bryant must have been thankful at that time.

21.Hidden message on Air Jordan XXI.

air jordan 21

Jordan brand released AJ XXI in 2006 and took a step forward to prevent counterfeit products by adding a unique detail. When viewed under a black light, a different hidden message was revealed. When the capital letters from message were rearranged, they spelled out “AUTHENTIC,” to verify the legitimacy of the sneaker. 

22. Why you should like AJ XX3.

Tinker Hatfield went underground after designing the AJ XV’s until release of AJ XX3. The Jordan brand spent handsome amount on the on-court performance of shoe by making it light and slimmer to give a snug fit to athlete’s foot. They also decreased amount of adhesives used to make it lighter. This shoe was the face of importance of tech used on a shoe and was the future of upcoming basketball sneakers.

23. Why Air Jordans release on Saturdays.

air jordan concord

Its so that kids do not skip schools to get them. Teachers and principals must be thrilled and happy for the Jordan brand to think of a community as a whole.

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