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A Blunt Story Launches Sustainable Sandals with UNCRUDE and UNWASTE

A Blunt Story Launches Sustainable Sandals with UNCRUDE and UNWASTE 

A BLUNT STORYTM, an up-and-coming name in footwear, has now come up with sandals made from waste plastics and petroleum derived petrochemicals, discarded without a second thought in the fashion and footwear industry. The brand believes it is time to speak up against the over consumption of non biodegradable materials such as plastics and petrochemicals, and considering its heritage as an Indian brand, where we as citizens are witnessing climate change first hand, A BLUNT STORYTM sets out to make change now.

In the making for over 2 years, extracting petroleum from the entire chemistry of the sole, the brand is now here with its 100% free from petroleum-derived plastics and petrochemicals range, called UNCRUDETM . UNCRUDETM is made from the brand’s UNWASTETM technology, which reengineers post consumer fabric waste from the west into a non-woven that creates cushions for the sandals, replacing petrochemical foams that often use harmful blowing agents and are hidden between layers of some of our favourite pairs, and each pair utilises approximately 10-15gms of post-consumer fabric waste. Additionally, Post Industrial Leather waste from the luxury automotive industry also finds its way to India from the west and the Middle East and makes for REACH compliant leather on their uppers and from that, each pair in the collection utilises approximately 50-80 gms of post-industrial leather waste.


A BLUNT STORYTM  aims to bring an alternative, authentic narrative to its customers, contrasting from the general ideas of sustainability from the west, and streamlining it to suit India’s audience. It aims to also inform its customers in order to create consciousness about choices, especially those in fashion, and how these choices impact the environment. The brand tells us how almost all soles in the footwear industry are made from plastics and petrochemicals that do not only harm the environment, but also harm the 2 million employed in making the footwear. Even those that claim to be natural rubber, often contain a mix of natural and synthetic rubber, and a footwear sole consists of anywhere from 30% to 100% plastic.


With this, the brand is here to change the market, providing customers with a reimagined way of footwear with its UNWASTETM collection of sandals, which uses natural fillers such as cork and rice husk which sits on a natural rubber base, replacing synthetic materials. Using oils from soy and palm as alternatives for the plastics, the bio-based content is at 96% for the footbed, and at 70% for the outsole. A BLUNT STORYTM has not only managed to entirely replace plastics in the sole, which has never been done before, it is also taking a step towards drawing down carbon and reducing the carbon footprint by using bio-based chemicals. 

Their regard for the makers and the wearers also sets them apart, with products that have been tested to be 100% free of carcinogens and other hazardous chemicals that are released in the making of thermoplastic foams and synthetic rubber soles commonplace in the industry today. The brand also aspires to deliver a product that makes the customer feel comfortable, and keeps the feet cool and dry, with its uppers, lined with Bamboo fabric on the inside, and the 96% bio-based UNCRUDETM on the footbed of the sandals.


Chandni, the founder of A BLUNT STORYTM says, “We felt the green-washed ideas of sustainability marketed by the larger brands left the story half told, so we wanted to break it all down and make something for an informed, empowered consumer who is pushing for change.” Keeping these notions in mind, the brand sets out in the footwear industry with an extraordinary and fresh approach to conscious fashion and footwear.


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