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What is Street Sense?

India as a country is unstoppable from every nook and corner ,

Be it the movie industry, infrastructure, economy (that’s debatable though) or even fashion for that matter. India has made a javelin throw of innovative, sustainable and dynamic fashion trends into the world.

From fashion cosmos we are placing the spotlight upon street fashion which indeed a lot of people know as a term, but are unaware of what street wear really is.

Street wear in itself is a huge domain.


And has its own trends happening every now and then,

Be it the Dad Shoe trend

Or the OG aesthetics of sneakers

Be it the Classy White Tee look

Or the Flashy Designer Hoodies

Street wear is dynamic and immortal

And if we only go by the basics, it simply is about defining who you are with your own aesthetics and look that you carry.

Recently, people have been misled and have tagged street wear as concerning only designer apparels like off white, supreme, etc etc.

Whereas at Street Sense we strongly believe that, the street wear is all about carrying yourself and styling sneakers in an uber cool way! And trust us you don’t need big bags of money to do that.

I am not saying that designer stuff is not street wear, it definitely is


Its not the only street wear look

So yes , just like this one

This magazine is going to be all about information and education about street wear, sneakers, hype and pretty much everything that surrounds the street culture as far as aesthetics are concerned.


Stay tuned for crazy stuff if you are a street enthusiast, hypebeast or even a sneakerhead

And if not but still this culture intrigues you in any way

Be here to know more or rather we would say all about it.