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Streetsense is India’s premiere streetwear and sneaker media outlet, providing updates about the latest releases.  Our aim is to provide a voice to subcultures in India; and represent India in the global streetwear scene. Unlike mainstream media that is mainly focused on the celebrity aspect of fashion, we believe in providing a voice to the core consumers.  We provide useful resources to assist consumers all across India in making purchases; hence we are the most trusted urban fashion platform in India.

At Streetsense, we provide a platform that helps international fashion brands to connect with Indian consumers; since streetwear is rapidly gaining popularity in India. We have hosted several international guests such as Jonny Kicks, Kenzo Minami and Joe Foster; the founder of Reebok. We aim to assist brands and creator in connecting with the end consumers; and creating a flourishing community of streetwear and sneaker enthusiasts.  

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