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Adidas’ one-off “Porecelain” ZX8000 is expected to auction for $1 million
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Adidas’ one-off “Porecelain” ZX8000 is expected to auction for $1 million 

Adidas and the praised porcelain maker Meissen have joined together for one-of-a-kind collaboration. The result of the joint mission is a one-off iteration of the ZX8000 featuring hand-painted leather and porcelain overlays.

Maiden collaboration between the two brands gives birth to Adidas ZX8000 decked with Meissen Krater Vase as two iconic designs merge. The premium leather when hand-painted by Meissen and the hand-made Meissen porcelain accents blend together on a design that weighs in at exactly 950 grams.

The ZX8000 “Porcelain”, as it is inappropriately termed, will be held up for the auction this month courtesy of Sotheby’s, price lingering around or upto $1 million. Luxuries from the sale will be handed over to the Brooklyn Museum to fund art programming for local youth.

The online auction will be conducted for Adidas Meissen ZX8000 “Porcelain” from December 7 through December 16 on Simultaneously one of the sneaker will be on display in Sotheby’s New York Festival of Wonder Exhibition.

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