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Adidas X Prada | Dropping Big Bombs
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Adidas X Prada | Dropping Big Bombs 

Prada has officially announced that they are collaborating with Adidas to drop some big bombs in sneaker and fashion industry just like Nike and Dior.

The entire collection of this collaboration will be produced in Italy only at Prada and will be super limited edition.

Throughout its history, adidas has paved the way for sports innovation and precision technology and the achievements have turned it into a world-renowned icon. At the same time, Prada’s iconic character lies in the interaction between form and functionality, between luxury and utility, and in the ability to combine different ideologies.

It is going to be a new, premium and more functional luna rossa techinical sailing shoe which will drop in 2020. Its rumoured that these will retail around $350 and will have 2 versions and potentially have some sort of connection to Prada’s line of America’s Cup sneakers.

And thats pretty much it as to what we all know about this collaboration.

Stay tuned for more and definately let us know which collaboration are you more excited about Nike x Dior or Adidas X Prada

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