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ADK’s “FRIENDS” at Home : The Capsule Collection You Can’t Miss

ADK’s “FRIENDS” at Home : The Capsule Collection You Can’t Miss 

ADK ‘Friends’ at Home, Capsule Collection is inspired from the 90’s TV show, ‘Friends. This collection is created to elevate the mood and bring positivity amidst the pandemic.

The campaign features seven different friends of ADK. Each and Every Friend represented a character from the 90’s TV show, “Friends”. Considering the show was based around six different characters based in New York City where they spent a lot of time in the fictional coffee shop know as Central Perk.

Every piece of apparel designed in this collection has not just been about the graphics or using phrases from the show but the entire design process was based out of aesthetics of each and every character

Monica Geller adhered a strict dress code at work but behind the apron Monica donned a sleek yet fashionable look. Hence three different styles were created for Monica inspired fits from different seasons and her dialogues. ‘Camera Adds 10 pounds’, taken from season 1 with a sleeveless asymmetric two-tone stretchable knit top with gathered overlay with holographic print was inspired from Monica’s fitted crop tops from the show.

‘I got to do, what I got to do’ a sleeveless shoulder pad t-shirt with front fringe print.

Similarly, Rachel Green, a fashion icon who always looked chic and was certainly in tune with the latest trends. For Rachel inspired by her dresses and her shorts skirts, two designs have been created.

Dresses that have adjustable drawstrings, which can make your dress longer and shorter, keeping in mind Rachel’s short skirt from season 1. ‘Closure’ Fringe Dress has adjustable drawstrings on the side seams and a front print with fringe along with shoulder pads. The shoulder pads represents the Rachel being independent and being a girl boss.

Phoebe Buffay was the definition of a free spirit. Her bohemian style and her juxtaposing different elements together inspired to create a long sleeveless dress with a front bralette top detailed with holographic & flat lock stitching along with a fringe bucket hat has been created which was inspired from Phoebe fringe jackets.

On the other hand for the boys, its kept pretty simple and casual by just designing different styles of T-shirts yet keeping their aesthetics.

Chandler Bing’s witty sense of humor and color blocking shirts from Season 1 was an inspiration to create a Wah Pah, holographic printed t-shirt with front color blocking pocket.

Ross Geller, the loveable nerd. A paleontologist by trade, he was book smart with style we designed a short sleeveless t shirt with flat lock detailing and front print Pivot, keeping his aesthetics of keeping it simple and real.

Joey Tribbiani doesn’t need to try hard with fashion. Always charming women with his looks. From Joey Sleeveless Tank T shirt from Season one, the inspiration was drawn and created a t shirt with front print Bamboozel.

Besides the apparels, bucket hats for each of our characters has been designed. The Bucket Hats were just to add the 90’s vibe to the collection.

To cop anything from this collecction, just drop a dm at ADKs Official instagram handle : Click Here

Usually we get to see these sorts of capsule collections with just random phrases printed over tee shirts or dresses, but rarely anyone brings back the aesthetics of the show or the character. ADK has definitely managed to do so.

“This collection is very special and dear to us and so are our friends who have always been there for us.” Says Avishi

Be the FRIENDS of our homegrown labels and headover to cop these sick pieces.

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