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Air Jordan 7 SE “Afrobeats” Arrives Fall 2022
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Air Jordan 7 SE “Afrobeats” Arrives Fall 2022 

With the Air Jordan 7‘s 30th anniversary being celebrated in 2022, you can anticipate that Jordan Brand has big, big plans ahead for Tinker’s 1992 figure. Trophy Room’s collaboration, the return of the “Citrus” colorway, and the just-previewed “Sapphire” colorway are amongst those formerly revealed, new Air Jordan 7 SE “ Afrobeats” is bringing some big energy to the lineup. 

Being out then in Australia, the music kidney isn’t a commodity we come through too frequently — so let’s megahit‘ old safe Wikipedia for deets: Afrobeat is a music kidney that involves the combination of rudiments of West African musical styles similar as fuji music and highlife with American jazz and after soul and funk influences, with a focus on chanted lyrics, complex cutting measures, and percussion. 

Given that, the brace makes as little more sense with heritage-inspired prints across the lingo/ bootie innard, as well as the quarter and forefoot. Meetly, these designs link back to the original geometric plates that Tinker employed back in 1992. Its color scheme relies heavily on earthy tans against bold black and whites, with a final matter, pops of grandiloquent along the midsole to complete the design, represented in the mock-over below. 

Air Jordan 7 SE “Afrobeats”

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