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BAPE Unveils New BAPEX Type 1 Watch Collection
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BAPE Unveils New BAPEX Type 1 Watch Collection 

A Bathing Ape is offering watch collectors three distinctive ways of revamping their luxury accessories arsenal.

This week, BAPE uncovered the BAPEX Type 1 watch drop, a new collection showcasing three models all sheathed in protective stainless steel with scratch-resistant sapphire windows and water-resistance up to roughly 328 feet. 

Each watch also packs a radiant display and perpetual mechanical movement, meaning-per a press release- time will always be “on your side.” The face comes in three colorways: black, sea green, or lavender options to match a wearer’s aesthetic

All the editions- the silver/purple, the silver/black, and the silver/green are priced at $639 USD and are set to release on June 12.

BAPE Unveils New BAPEX Type 1

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