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Bathing Ape | All about the Brand

Bathing Ape | All about the Brand 

A Bathing Ape in Lukewarm water also know as Bape is a Japanese urban streetwear brand founded by NIGO in 1993.

The brand was the brainchild of two students going to the same school whose ideas took the shape of a store in Harajuku called NOWHERE, a brand which would later be revived by both Nigo and his school senior Jun Takahashi of the UNDERCOVER fame.

The name was derived by Nigo considering the lazy and opulent lifestyle of Japanese youth.

bapesta snake brown

Initially, the brand kept itself very lowkey and kept selling the products in very low quantities and never really advertised itself across any of the media platforms.

But they caught world’s eye with their Pepsi collaboration in 2001 and since then there’s no looking back.

pepsi can from bape and pepsi collab in 2001

For 10 years straight they kept building their market, expanding across
oceans and created a name for themselves in streetwear industry.

But, the major break that the brand and the founder got was in 2011 when Nigo joined forces with Pharrell Williams and became a co founder of Billionaire Boys Club which gave a push to Bape as well and now the clothing line was available across US and since the demand pushed, they started producing their products in huge quantities.

nigo and pharrell williams

Bathing Ape as a company started another alternative line AAPE which is more casual and focuses more on comfort over designing in comparison with Bape, which majorly sticks to more premium stuff.

bape hoodie

Bape clothing and Sneakers are still priced pretty high for what you get. Even though the exclusivity of the brand has dropped a lot over the years, anything with their signature camo and shark still sells out pretty fast. While the original founder has since moved on to other things, there’s no denying the desirability of what he created.

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