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Best Way To Save Your Kicks From Corona : Helios | A Need For All Sneakerheads
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Best Way To Save Your Kicks From Corona : Helios | A Need For All Sneakerheads 

Coronavirus has already taken our summer away from us. Now, it threatens to take our sneakers away from us. We cannot let something like that happen to our beloved pairs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 90 percent of the healthcare workers at various hospitals have caught COVID-19 onto the sneakers/footwear. This virus can stay on your sneakers for more than 24 hours and if you do not maintain your sanitation during this time, it is likely that you might catch the virus.

Hygiene is of utmost importance right now but we cannot keep our sneakers outsides our house after wearing them. The only option that we are left with is ditching our sneakers but we cannot let this happen.

Don’t worry. We have a solution for this issue. Introducing Helios’s “Shoe Sanitizer Spray”; the first of its kind in India. During these desperate times of COVID-19, we have realized the importance of hygiene and sanitation. Shoes fro sneakerheads are the most essential companions while moving out of houses for work, and even for picking up groceries. This makes them most prone to carry the virus.

helios shoe sanitizer

With the Helios’ Shoe sanitizer, you will be able to keep your sneakers safe as it kills the virus even before you enter the workplace or your home. The solution stays on your sneakers for more than day and kills all virus that might might exist on the pair.

At a price of just 200 bucks, this product is very cheap and is a necessity good for all of us sneakerheads. According to us, here at Street Sense, the product is worth purchasing for the money.

The following product will be available on the Helios website : click here.

And don”t forget to use our code heliosxss at checkout to avail 25% discount on your entire order. ORDER HERE

Hurry up to purchase the product as it might soon run out of stock.

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