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Bhaane : A Contemporary Label Celebrating Individuality
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Bhaane : A Contemporary Label Celebrating Individuality 

Anand Ahuja, a Delhi based entrepreneur, is the founder of the well known sneaker store- Veg Non Veg that has been leading the Indian sneaker scene alongside Superkicks but this is not his only role in the community. The well renowned sneaker head also founded the fashion label named Bhaane that designs contemporary clothing for all.

sonam and anad ahuja in bhaane

His approach with Bhaane has always been to provide budding fashion designers with resources to create. In our Indian society, people have remained orthodox but that is changing with the development of our fashion scene and the rise of Indi-wear in street culture.

After residing in the states for almost a decade, Anand Ahuja came to India and fulfilled his dream to display his ideas through clothing. Initially, Bhaane attire was only available at streetwear gatherings and pop-up shops. Now, they sell goods online as well as in their physical store in Mumbai, Delhi ,and Bangalore.

Anand’s passsion for streetwear and fashion in general is really evident in the clothing line too. Each piece has an unique perspective with a story behind it. The idea behind highlighting the individual first, and his attire second is what makes the brand stand apart. He also said this once ” Bhaane is for all types of creative people and the people who would always consider the quality of the product, Bhaane will produce something for everyone”

Nimish Shah, the creative director of Bhaane, explains how the shift from Mumbai to Delhi was a completely ideological change fro artisanal clothes to cultural aspects. These minute details and creative energy is what bring sthe best out of the brand. Their approach is sustainable and healthy. According to them, gender neutral clothing is an idea that they aspire to revolve the brand around.

Bhaane’s collection has a rich and premium feel to it and this can be experienced once you purchase attire or even visit the store. it is not just another brand which would provide a cool tee without any perspective or idea behind it. The Indian youth is not yet developed enough to understand the importance of statements and a lot of people run behind hyped clothing rather than premium wear. Supporting this brand in its aspirations is a no-brainer.

Many celebrities such as Ayushmaan Khurrana, Arjun Kapoor, and Vicky Kaushal have been spotted in Bhaane attire.

Giving back to society is something that the brand puts emphasis on. During this pandemic, revenue that is being generated through their online store is being used to feed stray animals. Small actions like this create a brand and give a touch of humanity.

Anand Ahuja is doing wonders for the Indian streetwear and Fashion scene with his work. His beautiful concepts will help Indians rise to the international stage. It is a true inspiration for all brands that aspire to grow and design attires that have a meaning behind them.

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