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Brain Dead Teases its upcoming collaboration with Reebok
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Brain Dead Teases its upcoming collaboration with Reebok 

After a few charitable acts, brain dead is getting back to the game even stronger. While running their fundraising campaigns on the parallel, the company is looking forward to expand their projects and collaborations with the sneaker giant Reebok. After their last collaboration both the brands seem on working on a very different silhouette this time; which is clearly visible from the glimpse that Kyle provided in his gram.

 The picture reveals a closer look at the younger part of the pump court silhouette where instead of the reebok pump we see a brain dead logo, a yellowish white reebok vector logo on the top of the tongue and a     blue mesh on the background.

 Although there isn’t much that we can conclude after looking at the picture, the least we can make out of it is that something big, different and unusual will be arriving very soon and this time it will be the Pump Court Silhouette.

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