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BrandZ’s annual ranking reveals that the brand values of luxury brand values continues to increase
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BrandZ’s annual ranking reveals that the brand values of luxury brand values continues to increase 

A few months ago a fight brewed between the two giants Puma and Nike for the “Footwear” trademark.

Now Nike and Jordan brand again have landed in trouble where an independent New York based fashion designer sued the brand for whooping $30 million for copying the unique star-shaped logo and using it in a Jordan brand collaboration collection tied to the 2020 NBA All-Star Game.

The complaint was registered in New York Federal Court where the Faded  Royalty claims that Nike, Michael Jordan, himself, and artist Cody Hudson, among others, are on the hook for copyright and trademark infringement for “intentionally and willfully creating apparel and other promotional goods using its ‘6 point’ star logo.”

The owner of the company Rocco Giordano claimed that his company has been using the 6 point star logo on all their apparels and accessories which they have used without interruption for around 20 years.

Then Giordano exclaimed that Nike – and in particular, its Jordan brand – began using a copycat logo in connection with a collaboration with Chicago-based artist Cody Hudson without ever seeking or receiving his authorization to do so. 

Giordano told that he came to know about this infringement when people started congratulating him on his collab with Jordan brand. Further on investigating, he came across the Jordan Chicago Collaborators’ Collection, including Hudson’s capsule and saw that fruits of his labor were used by other company without their consent and authorization.

Adding to it Nike claimed that the 6 point star logo is Cody Hudson’s own exclusive work of creativity.

Moreover Giordano maintains a copyright registration for the original star graphic, which he claims is infringed by Nike and Hudson’s “creation and use and publication of an unauthorized replica and or derivative work of his ‘6 point’ star logo.”

To add to the infringement cases , Giordano and Co.  have filed against the claims of false designation of origin, unfair competition, unjust enrichment, and deceptive practices under New York’s General Business Law, and claim damages of $10 million – trebled, for a total of $30 million. 

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