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Cop Underdog: India’s First Consignment Store
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Cop Underdog: India’s First Consignment Store 

Since the era of the internet has dawned upon us, online purchasing has become a staple. Although this has helped in the growth of the resell business, plenty of fake sneakers have floated around the market due to the lack of legit checking online. A physical consignment store in India has become a must and Cop Underdog is here to do just that.

Cop Underdog has already set up a store in Bengaluru at Brigade Garden, Church street. A physical consignment store has been a must for India as it marks a crucial step in history. These stores provide sneakerheads with the opportunity to be a part of the experience rather than barely ordering sneakers. This is of prime importance to the culture. There are many more benefits of having to resell via stores such as the guarantee of authenticity. A person can see a shoe physically and does not have to pay before seeing the shoe. This prevents scamming and ensures people are treated well. The store also provides multiple options as it is a curated boutique for all enthusiasts.


The co-founders of Cop Underdog: Manan Malu and G.H Suleiman are ardent sneakerheads and wish to help the Indian Sneaker community to grow by contributing as much as they can. Manan, a former painter, and sneaker customizer realized the potential in the idea of Cop Underdog and joined forces with G.H Suleiman, a Hip-Hop fanatic who has traveled around the globe to learn streetwear culture and has been instrumental in setting up a couple of successful stores globally.

Cop Underdog has curated top streetwear brands, hyped sneakers, accessories, vintage collectibles and exclusive collections that are tough to find. They believe in the importance of giving back to the community and thus try to create a hangout space in their stores for all of us.

Although reselling is becoming a big thing in this country, people are still unaware of the concept of consignments. Consignments allow a normal person to sell deadstock, new or used sneakers or streetwear at the market price with expert advice. Cop Underdog ensures that people are not scammed off their money by extremely high prices and thus sets the sneaker prices according to the volatile market itself. To ensure that people get fully authentic products, Cop Underdog has professional legit checkers who decide the authenticity of products and ensure no fakes reach the customer. One thing that sets Cop Underdog apart from others is that they return the consignment fees to the seller in case he/she decides to keep the pair.

Cop Underdog is set to feature exclusive brands in India such as Eastpak, Cashless, Diadora and a wide range of hyped brands such as Supreme and Cactus Jack. Their take on Indian culture is that it has a lot of scope to grow and has been improving steadily in the previous years as it impacted major collaborations such as Pharell William’s Human Race and the Supreme fall collection.

Furthermore, Cop Underdog was a part of the recent SOLE DXB event and will take part in the upcoming Sneakercon in Singapore if at all it happens since we all know most of the events are getting cancelled or postponed due to pandemic.

Cop Underdog inclines towards the idea of an underdog mentality by staying lowkey but maintaining their vision to help accelerate the culture. They strive to provide exclusive releases, grails, and hyped goods to the Indian Sneakerhead.

To check out their store and to know more head on over to Cop Underdog.

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