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CrepDog Crew : India’s Premier Reselling Platform
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CrepDog Crew : India’s Premier Reselling Platform 

A multiverse of the most wanted sneakers, hand-picked streetwear products, anything that revolves around the term HYPE, your will find it here at CDC.

Two friends who just wanted to cop a couple of Yeezys for their personal collection, and their experience with the enterprising teenagers trying out to make a quick buck by reselling shoes gave them the idea to have a platform like this which would not only support the needs of a sneakerhead but also create an ecosystem which is professional enough to support their customers like any other giant e commerce handle.

With the assurance of timely delivery and authenticity guaranteed, Anchit and Shaurya, just like any other platform started off through instagram itself but with the support of the community they quickly moved to having their own e commerce platform which today serves nearly 300 pairs of sneakers to customers spread across 130 cities in India in a month.

“From day one, we focused on our packaging and legit checking systems that empowered our customers to feel absolutely certain that they were getting an authentic product. We started with selling 2-3 pairs a week which became 12 sneakers a week and that’s our daily sale figure now. It was this burgeoning interest that prompted us to create a website because that would make for a better, more streamlined customer experience. Today, we’re a one-stop shop for the community. Sneakers, streetwear, cleaning services, accessories, speaker sets some of the world’s best sound is where it’s at,” Kapil – who also has his fingers in the hospitality business pie through outlets like Summer House Café in New Delhi – adds.

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CDC’s growth has coincided with the evolution of the sneaker economy in the country that has seen giants like Adidas post a 300% increase in its sneaker sales in India in three years.

Sneakers, over the last few years, have become an indelible motif of pop culture, and now luxury. Besides, the sneakerheads who are always chasing the newer drops and trying to build a collection of their personal choices. A lot of new people have started getting into sneakers post the mainline media push and the influence of celebrities, their lifestyle and the movies like GULLY BOY which definitely brought a lot of eye balls towards the sub cultures. And because so such demand that’s increasing every single day, those who fail to get their hands on the shoes(they wished for) are willing to pay three to ten times for a coveted pair of Air Jordans or Yeezys, turning to resellers like CDC.

Apart from catering to the small, tight-knit community of sneakerheads, CDC has also focused on the hypebeasts and new enthusiasts. Cognizant of the need to establish themselves as their customers’ first choice, Kapil and Kumar have employed the good ol’ trick of steals and deals to great effect.

All in all, CDC is the place for all your sneaker needs, and everything that you wish for to be a part of your hype closet.

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The multiverse of the most wanted sneakers, hand-picked streetwear products, everything HYPE, A paradise for every Sneakerhead and a Hypebeast.

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