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Delhiwear | Blending the Street Culture with roots of INDIA

Delhiwear | Blending the Street Culture with roots of INDIA 

Even though streetwear originated from LA with skate and surf culture, as it moved globally, every country gave its own touch. Their street fashion aesthetics inways represented their country and even though India has big cultural heritage we haven’t been able to see any influence of our heritage with the street culture that India has been developing.

But well that only has been until now. We have Delhiwear

The brainchild of Harkishan Alag , Anshay Nagpaul and Tarandeep singh. Delhiwear has reimagined the entire street fashion getting influenced by the roots of India and has brought more “street – ness” to everyday indian garments.

Started back in 2016 with the concept of Hand printed T shirts and eventually moved on to developing what was more rooted with India

Their concept of VARDI

Vardi from delhiwear are basic Kurtas with the idea of making them a staple Indian garment which in ways has been lost in this world of globalization and modernization. As staple as a regular T Shirt.

Delhiwear’s ‘VARDI’, rooted in Indian sensibilities, takes the traditional kurta and gives it a modern twist. Making use of basic colours and an easy going aesthetic that’s both comfortable and attractive, VARDI is an offbeat take on a typical Indian wardrobe

For many Indians, a traditional outfit involving a kurta, pyjama is often only associated with special occasions or festivals like diwali or rakhis . And that’s exactly what Delhiwear’s edgy designs want to challenge. “VARDI is a concept open to all.

For Indians, street culture as inspired by the so called influencers is the forced idea of having hyped up clothing like off whites and supremes, but thats exactly what we are here for, to educate the audience as to what real street fashion is and thats what Delhiwear’s founders are also doing with their products.

Make it a staple and get on with it, why not live up the heritage with the street culture we all are so enthusiastic about.

Delhiwear according to us is defiantly one of the best brands in India supporting and developing a new culture bending with street fashion.

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