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DISARM GLOBAL : A Super Exclusive and Society Empowering Label FOR and FROM India
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DISARM GLOBAL : A Super Exclusive and Society Empowering Label FOR and FROM India 

Launched in January of last year, Disarm Global has taken the Los Angeles and New York market by storm owing to its mesmerizing aesthetics and strong social statements. If you are not aware of the brand, let me explain their blow up and rise to stardom to you.

Disarm Global began as an extremely niche fashion label based out of Los Angeles but with Indian roots. Soorjodeep- an ambitious musician and entrepreneur- started the label with the ideology to ‘Disarm Your Inhibitions’ which essentially meant to make people go out of their comfort zones and question the social and religious inhibitions that were put forward by our society.

The brand largely focuses on challenging social and religious norms. This explains why supporting social causes that matter comes naturally to them. In 2019, the brand donated over 250K to rape victims and childcare institutions all over the globe.

The brand has been a firm believer in exclusivity and uniqueness. All of their drops are capped at 100 units per item. They have a motto to serve the customer with quality rather than quantity. The brand has evolved with time and has advocated multiple ideologies during this period. Their latest social statements involve the concepts of “Modern Jesus” and “Gandi Hindi”.

Gandi Hindi is a social issue that India has been facing for a long time. Forceful marriage of a woman into a family where she cannot fit in. These women are usually are from backward communities and face excessive racism as a result.

The other issue they spread awareness about is ‘Modern Jesus’. It is a concept that focuses on talking about sexuality and wrongdoings of society openly. Disarm Global is driven by its community and the goal to spread awareness.

As of 2020, Soorjodeep (The Founder) decided that he wanted to enter the Indian Streetwear Scene that we adore. The brand is set to launch an exclusive 30 piece collection. It aims to open a new school of thought for the community and push the envelope of fearless designing which exceeds societal expectations.

Given the long history of Socio-Political and Religious scenarios is India, Disarm Global will come up with apparel that talks exclusively about women empowerment, homosexuality, religious conundrums, and much more.

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