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DKX : House Of Grails | Sneaker Talk India’s Most awaited Meetup
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DKX : House Of Grails | Sneaker Talk India’s Most awaited Meetup 

Delhi Kicks Exchange, An IP held by the Infamous Sneaker Talk India. They are back again with their fifth edition of one of the greatest meetups and sneaker shows of the town. We can even say one of the greatest of India too.

They started back in 2017 just to build up a community and get them together in a space to share the same love, slowly with time growing into the space of exhibiting and giving away pop up shops at their event to emerging labels in sneaker and streetwear industry of India.

This is the fifth edition of DELHI Kicks Exchange, but besides delhi they have also managed to move around the country hosting these type of meetups at Banglore, Jaipur, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Earlier with the growth, we have seen most of the legit sneakerheads and streetwear enthusiasts of India turning up for this event even if they have to travel miles and book flights

And in the last showdown edition we even saw our very own Raftaar there socializing and connecting with the community he is so passionate about.

That has pretty much been the way they have taken the community forward but this time they are going even big


  • Exclusive resellers arena for some great drip
  • Marketplace for rare sneakers and streetwear
  • Crazy hip hop music for them soles
  • STIs Merchandise launch
  • Pop ups
  • Real sneakerheads connect
  • Sneaker trades
  • Some surprise elements that happen every year ( get excited about that)
  • Some celebs showing up
  • And most importantly the greatest vibe for all of us to connect

Mark the date : 22nd December 2019

Ending this year with a bang at Summer House Cafe, New Delhi

Turn up here, and lets vibe together, till then stay tuned for more savage stuff around sneakers and street wear. Keep following


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