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Face Masks : A Fashion Statement Now
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Face Masks : A Fashion Statement Now 

Owing to the global tragedy caused by the onset of COVID-19, face masks have become a must-have for all people. Fashion labels have played a crucial rule in fighting this issue as they have pledged their profits to help fight the global pandemic. Many brands shifted their production facilities from luxury wear to masks for workers. A lot of people speculated that these masks would be branded but brands like Gucci ensured that they provided unbranded masks people working in essential services.

As soon as the lockdown closes, the usage of masks will just increase. Further, there has been a 40 percent increase in the number of masks offered by companies in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the end of 2019. People will try differentiating themselves from others, by the usage of designer masks.

This kind of evolution is inevitable. Designers will try to capitalize on this as they will become an essential part of the ‘fit’. We have seen how Off-White masks’ prices have boomed on StockX in the recent past. Masks that were selling for 70 dollars have recently sold for 210 dollars.

Many, Indian Streetwear brands are also pledging funds and masks to those who need it. Street Sense and our collaborations have also taken part by donating masks. Haut De Gamme is selling cotton masks during this time. The brand will be donating one mask for each one purchased.

In spite of being hit by COVID-19, brands like Six5Six are not laying off people and we, as a community, respect that a lot. In an Instagram post, they announced that they will donate 40 percent of their entire transactions and will use the remaining sum to pay their employees. If some amount is left after that, they will donate it to Prime Minister’s fund.

The creativity of brands has been tested too. ‘ADK’, by Avishi Dayal Kalra, has definitely aced this test. The start-up is creating fashionable masks made out of waste fabrics. These designer masks are really cool and affordable.

Fogaat has created a wonder of a mask with a Puma sneaker box. It is truly one of a kind and leaves viewers amazed.

Other brands like Strey and Make Sneaker India have also done their part by making masks and other stuff.

The craze is just going to rise with time. Face masks are going to be a long time accessory and you better get ready for the trends that will surface with time.

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