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Five Best Sneaker Customs By Fogaat
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Five Best Sneaker Customs By Fogaat 

Nishant Fogaat is one of the top names in the Indian sneaker customization game. His apparel production skillset along with his idea of sneakers as a way ahead in innovation has led to his success. He is the first one to customize sneakers into ‘sneaker snapbacks .

He has worked with Anand Ahuja, co-founder Veg Nonveg, Superkicks and designed shoes for the famous Indian singer Raftaar. He’s also showcased his creations and a Sneaker Snapback at Nike India’s first Kicks Lounge, where they Let’s go deeper and look at his best five of all time:


These are a pair of Air Jordan 1 Phantom redesigned using red swavorski crystal fabric, black overlay swoosh, & glow in dark white accents. It is nothing but lit in every way. This beauty glows in the dark at night and stays subtle during the day.


A pair of custom Puma Clyde Hardwood for Marvin Bagley III For India’s 1st ever NBA game , well who doesn’t dig something like this. This crazy pair looks like a piece of art with swarovski crystal form-stripe & heel and vibrant colors against the white.


Fogaat imagined these as an ode to “Factory Floor Tailors” , keeping in mind the high quality production of apparels and shoes in Asian countries. The sneaker panels are done with different fabrics and different colors representing  every hand that  ever stitched fashion for the world to own it, wear it and rock it. The reflective swoosh is a cherry on the cake.

Air Jordan 1 “LUX”

There is not much to be said here, these are a pair of nike Air Jordan 1s with the right amount of bling. the colors compliment each other and the highlighted glittery swoosh elevates the whole look. This one is very versatile, sheen, elegance and swag packed in a single pair of sneakers.

Air Force 1 UNION LA

Who’d believe that a  pair of Air Force 1 Shadows could be recreated into the legendary pair of Jordans Highs of 2019 – the Jordan union LA, so flawlessly. Highlighting  the most iconic color scheme of Union AJ1, these kicks are straight up slayin.

Sheer brilliance in ideation, vivid colors, outstanding and innovative concept behind each pair is what Fogaat customs are all about. His work deals with the minutest of the details, every pattern and shade has a reason, a meaning to it.  Now that you know what magic his customs are, go to his Instagram page and get yourself one.

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