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From H&M to Tom Sachs : Why anyone can use NASA’s logo?
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From H&M to Tom Sachs : Why anyone can use NASA’s logo? 

Have you ever wondered why do brands like H&M, Tom Sachs, Heron Preston use NASA names and logos so often as a part of their collection?NASA branded clothing is so common now-a-days that it has become a staple of every brand’s collection.

NASA has its own gift shop at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida which has been rightfully coined “the world’s largest space shop.” The “Space Shop” is jam-packed with a sweeping variety of space memorabilia and gear bearing NASA’s well-known name and logos. But a trip to the east coast of Florida is hardly necessary in order to get your hands on a NASA-emblazoned sweatshirt, windbreaker, or pair of sneakers.

Recently brands like PacSun, Aeropostale, American Eagle, and Urban Outfitters are stocking inexpensive NASA tees which can save you a trip to NASA Space Center. Forever 21, Vans, Barneys, Tom Sachs, Heron Preston add to the list of brands that bear the NASA iconography. Its was not long ago when Tom Sachs signed Hermes Kelly 35 bag bearing the distinctive NASA name sold for $50,000 at an auction.

The wide variety of NASA products in the market is due to the fact that any company can use and bear NASA logos as long as the designs are submitted to the Multimedia Division of NASA’s Office of Communications in Washington, D.C., and the agency approves the specific uses. Moreover any brand which uses NASA logos cannot call it a collaboration and is not allowed to use the NASA name as a title or as part of a title for any collection. This is because NASA as a part of US agency cannot endorse a product, service, logo or imagery. The NASA logo must be used only for decorative purposes and not within brand’s trademark use. Brand’s own logo should be separate from NASA designs and basically “no collaborations” should be depicted.

There are also limitations regarding the colors that may be used. The full-colored NASA Insignia can only appear against a solid black, white, gray or silver background. Adding to the list of limitations “the full-colored NASA Insignia should not be outlined.”

This is the reason why there is a huge surge in NASA based designs in the market. To sum it up – “Anyone can send in their requests for using NASA designs and after a review process the identities can be used by the brand itself.”

Basic rule is that “Whatever you do just don’t call it a collaboration“.

Hermes NASA bag
H&M NASA hoodie
Tom Sachs NASA Tshirt
Heron Preston NASA sweatshirt

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