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HERON PRESTON and Calvin Klein up for a collaboration
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HERON PRESTON and Calvin Klein up for a collaboration 

Calvin Klein will soon be joining forces with Heron Preston for a collaboration, making it the brand’s first major project with a designer. “Heron Preston for Calvin Klein” sees Calvin Klein’s trademark products such as underwear, denim, and white shirts revisited by Preston, who will introduce his taste into the line while maintaining Calvin’s originality.

The collaboration was brought upon during Preston’s visit to CK as a consultant and his identification of key elements such as subtlety and use of basics visible in CK’s style. Calvin ensures the collaboration will not lean towards any season, gender keeping in mind body and identity inclusivity. Heron’s previous collaboration with Levi’s showed us classic red tab jeans with a new point of view, so nothing less is to be expected from the upcoming collaboration too.

“We have this idea of working with different visionary and creative people to help tell a Calvin Klein story through the lens of their perspective on, or experience with, the brand,” says Jacob Jordan, Global Chief Merchant, Head of Product Strategy & New Product Ventures at Calvin Klein. “I see this project as a first step; it’s a reawakening for the brand, moving us closer in our connection to culture and creativity. It is about forming interconnected partnerships who can help us tell our story in a way that maybe we couldn’t on our own.”

The entire collection will be available come April 23rd in the US and select markets in Asia and Europe with prices in the bracket of $138 – $298 for sweatshirts and hoodies, $36 – $88 for underwear, and $185 – $225 for denim.

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