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HOUSE OF ADK: ADK New “NEON” Installation

HOUSE OF ADK: ADK New “NEON” Installation 

Introducing ADK’S First Installation in India’s most premium market, Khan Market, New Delhi

This August, ADK presents its first installation project featuring our exclusive pieces from Drop 1 collection. Titled, ‘Awake at night’, this project invites you to explore our world beyond illusions where humans are challenging the status quo.

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ADK’s approach to its new neon cyberpunk installation, which focuses on streetwear, primarily has built a hub where people of culture and streetwear can go to hang out and become involved. This installation is still above all installations scenarios opened during this pandemic in India, only one designed to attract customers.

There’s been so much said on how retail is dead in a time of presumed supreme e-commerce. Although the world has changed significantly over the past few years, ADK’s new installation in Khan Market shows that it isn’t so much that the retail industry is dead or buried, but that retailers can concentrate more on energizing the atmosphere in the shop if they want customers to make their way through the gate.

ADK, Khan Market

Endless messages, phones with alerts, DM’s, Snaps, and reminders, living in a world which is bombarded. People are clamoring for truth and transparency. The silence of the night is the ultimate place to shine. Hold on to that one thing that is real. You. The silence of the night is the ultimate place to shine. Hold on to that one thing that is real. You. 

ADK Installation

ADK’s neon installation provides an experience that customers literally can not get online before purchasing. We highly recommend you going there and experiencing it with your very own eyes, we bet you, you wouldn’t be disappointed at all. But we recommend you all taking the necessary precautions in times like these. Wear a mask, Carry a sanitizer and keep yourself safe and others safe.

Till then stay updated with streetsense. Stay Tuned!

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