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IMWIP: You are always a “WORK IN PROGESS”

IMWIP: You are always a “WORK IN PROGESS” 

Wherever you go, your style follows. It is an unspoken language which is heard like a roar, when you enter a room. Breathing the air of self confidence and fashion.

Homegrown brand IMWIP (I’m Work In Progress), is a fashion brand, that expresses its gratitude for all those working each day to make themselves better, reminding people that fashion is a reflection of themselves, and there are no standards to be met when it comes to it. Breaking the fallacies that surround fashion, and redefining it as a way of expressing oneself, while focusing on the concept that growth is one constant. ‘At IMWIP, you are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously’

IMWIP is an inclusive line of clothing, serving its customers with high-quality products and fabrics. Their products aim in magnifying the fact that you are a constant WIP, embellished with the self-confidence you procure. They are also contributing to the wellness of the environment by using fabrics that are produced with reduced energy and water consumption per kilogram of textile. Serving best quality products, designed to withstand wear and tear for years to come.

It is a representation of you, who cannot be defined by a singularity and neither can be confined to one. IMWIP accompanies you on your unique, personal journey to understanding the true meaning of being a work in progress, a masterpiece. At IMWIP, they live by the notion, “We might not be where someone else is, we are certainly not where we used to be, we are still not where we want to be, but we’re all definitely progressing”.

They are wiping away the concept that happiness is a destination. Happiness is not a finished product, it is a work in progress. It is a journey build on trust, where we progress hand in hand, and this is what their collection is all about.

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