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John Geiger Celebrates the HUMMER EV With a Lunar-Themed 002 Low Sneaker
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John Geiger Celebrates the HUMMER EV With a Lunar-Themed 002 Low Sneaker 

John Geiger, a tenured footwear designer has crafted a special take on his eponymous brand’s 002 Low silhouettes in celebration of GMC‘s HUMMER EV. The shoe presents a bold, futuristic look just like the vehicle it draws from, centered around a moon surface print that’s inspired by the center console’s lunar landscape startup graphic.

Uppers are prepared from a special synthetic material, covered from toe to heel in a detailed moon print. White and black flecked laces envelop the heel and rise onto the top of the foot, secured by black fabric anchor points in both spots. Black heel and collar tabs come with ease of entry and removal, whereas a bungee cord-like apparatus is secured with a neon green toggle that allows for a customizable fit. An unembellished eggshell white 002 midsole, and packaged in a box that boasts the same moon print as the shoe’s upper, completes the look of the shoe.

“When I was graduating high school and could drive, a HUMMER was the car everyone, including myself, wanted,” says Geiger. “Now, having my own brand and being able to design exclusive pieces for the HUMMER EV rollout, this is a full-circle moment and I feel honored to work with GMC.”

The John Geiger HUMMER EV 002 sneaker will release via the John Geiger webstore at 12 PM ET on February 26 and is priced at $320 USD. The HUMMER EV’s initial run of availability kicks off Fall 2021.

John Geiger Launches GMC HUMMER EV Lunar-Themed 002 Low Sneaker from RANAVERSE on Vimeo.

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