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Maharishi Taps Kanata For Hand-Knitted Cowichan Collection
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Maharishi Taps Kanata For Hand-Knitted Cowichan Collection 

Maharishi a clothing line residing in London and Canadian brand Kanata this time have put forward their woolen woven apparel for their catalog which is dense and voluminous in terms of the texture, a typical release for fall/winter 2020. This winter wear has been released in two different colours for Cowichan Capsule collection.

This bulky woolen sewed handout have been constructed using primitive Salish weaving techniques topped with colourfull overlays and emblems interpreting peace and peacenik touches on the artwork influenced by Afghan War Rugs. Through this collab the brand embraces the idea of non-violence and anti-war concepts. The camo colour profile has spaced leaf green colour motif on fuzzy looking brown colour. The Camo Cowichan Cardigan displays camouflage ‘DPM: Mamushi’, a homage to 1980’s ROK ‘Academy’ camouflage.

These will be available on Maharishi web store for retail at approximately 720$ USD.

Maharishi Kanata hand knitted Cowichan Collection

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