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Medicom Toy Imagines The Mandalorian With Its Latest BE@RBRICK

Medicom Toy Imagines The Mandalorian With Its Latest BE@RBRICK 

Medicom Toy just released a new iteration of the most hyped BE@RBRICK. Inspired from The Mandalorian from the Disney + show, it is a follow up from the earlier set of Boba Fett figures BAPE and Medicom Toy released earlier in July. 

Differentiating itself from the earlier released, this Mandalorian arrives in a clean and scratchless finish. As seen on the show, the figure is presented in a silver Beskar Helmet with a T-shaped HUD. Metal plates around the chest and forearm contrast the brown leather foundation. Orange gloves and leather pants with detailing such as straps and pockets bring out its essence. Making it more realistic the BE@RBRICK is wearing identical brown boots as seen on the show. 

The BE@ARBRICK is set to raffle in 100%,400% and 1000% sizes on the Medicom Toy website for an approximate of $137 USD and $728 USD. 

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