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Michael Jordan with a Mystery Sneaker in  ” The Last Dance “
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Michael Jordan with a Mystery Sneaker in ” The Last Dance “ 

From the minute “The Last Dance”, the Netflix documentary on the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan released on Monday, the 20th of April 2020, fans, and sneakerheads have been obsessed with it. As expected, we got to see a lot of vintage shoes including a lot of Air Jordans.

nike tennis enterprise

One of these vintage sneakers were seen in the second episode, from the 1985-86 NBA season, where we see Jordan’s broken foot in a cast, and a mysterious pair on his other foot. Thanks to twitter user @MJO23DAN, the pair has been positively identified as the Nike Air Enterprise, a tennis shoe, which released in 1985, and had been tucked away and forgotten after its release.

nike air enterprise

Just recently, in February this year, Nike and Jordan brand released two of these vintage sneakers, the Air Jordan 1 New beginnings, and the Nike Air Ship, both of which were worn by Michael Jordan during his rookie career, and are now reselling for around $1500 depending on your size.

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The next two episodes of The Last Dance will release this coming Monday.

For more articled on the Last Dance, follow Street Sense.

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