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Naz : One of the best in the league from India for Sneaker customization
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Naz : One of the best in the league from India for Sneaker customization 

Naz the guy from Shillong, who started his journey only because he could not find the right design of Air Jordan 4s for himself. Now stands among the best sneaker artists of India.

Started his journey pretty late in comparison to his peers in the industry, Naz kicked it off for himself only because he always loved art and sneakers and was fed up from his basic corporate job in Delhi.

One of the very first posts about his customs that he made over Instagram caught the eye of our very own Raftaar. And rest just became history.

Soon after that, he was given this opportunity of designing a dragon ball custom for Raftaar

He has done customs for Ranvijay

And his art is just known to be one of the finest in our country as far as sneaker customs are concerned.

His art and detailing in his customs made him win a global sneaker custom competition with this pair …

Based of Shillong, He has managed to serve about a 100 people yet, But that’s just the beginning of something huge.

As he always says. “LET YOUR KICKS BE UNIQUE”.

Hit him up to get a fire pair, custom done for your ownself.

and wear what u are, what you believe in, and what is YOU.

And don’t forget

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