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NOUGHTONE : A Multi Dimensional Street Label

NOUGHTONE : A Multi Dimensional Street Label 

Been in the industry for five years, catering to its very loyal customer base and scaling new heights each day is what NOUGHT ONE by Abhishek Paatni is doing. NOUGHT ONE is a concept based store for bespoke outfit services.

The whole idea behind the products of NOUGHT ONE  is that it should have an aesthetic and convey stories of the ideation and the brand .

Abhishek Paatni proudly owns a loyal customer base for his brand and strives to make high quality bespoke clothing set on varied collections consisting of suits, shirts, trousers, nehru jackets, kurtas, shorts, overcoats, ties, bow ties, pocket squares. It is so much more than being just about  joggers and hoodies as it offers an array of collections  and vast product lines, a lot of this is hybrid wear like hybrid waist coats, parkas, hybrid jackets

Tailored to perfection to spark on conversations. produce . The focus is not on just making clothes for the heck of it  or mass production or just achieving a big number of social media followers or short-lived achievements but creating an experience for everyone.

 No wonder, they are the first of the brands  to collaborate  with Adidas Originals. They’ve also launched a complete capsule with Absolut.

Focussed on inclusion and determined to stay true and real, they do not follow regressive stereotypes rather break the mainstream narrative revolving around fashion industry by being   inclusive in terms of gender, age and body types. Dressing up a forty year old is as imortant to them as someone in their mid-twenties which they propagate through the models they choose in their presentation.

Lot of research goes into their textile production unit. For sampling, they’ve their own archives, whenever there’s a new product required, a fresh piece is always custom made without any extra customization charge. Personalization and customer interest is prioritized.

The pricing totally depends on their silhouettes, justifying the amount of hard work . On an average they range from 5k a piece to 60k INR.

Grabbing a pair of jogger and t shirt would roughly cost you INR 15,000.

The founder and the brand have some rock solid principles and protocols and strive to go by it, and influence people through conversations of the same.

Started out from scratch, during his b-school, Abhishek founded Nought One and shaped it as a free and progressive brand carrying a  multi-dimensional aesthetic.

Nought One is determined to  develop and cultivate  a culture among people, starting from the very ground level and talking to kids and building a legacy of creating an experience rather than exploiting the word ‘culture’ as it is generally done.

With this there’s some good news for way, as we expect store launches in Delhi soon.

‘Invest in your own style’ is what he wants to convey to the people who have it in them to take their best fashion foot forward.

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