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In an era where COVID-19 cases are sky-rocketing and 6,17,000  people have lost their lives around the globe, social distancing and wearing protective gear is the only way of keeping ourselves safe. Personal protective gear should be not a luxury, but an absolute necessity currently. Face Masks and Face Shields are currently, the most popular choices of protective gear because of their versatility, comfort and the fact that they protect the mouth and nasal cavity completely, although both of these products have their individual advantages and disadvantages. The fact that it has scientifically been proven that masks can prevent up to 90% COVID 19 transmission testifies the importance of PPE. It is very important to choose the right product to keep ourselves safe.

FabShield face mask
FabShield face mask

Keeping all this in mind, Fabshield has launched an all new face mask, FABMASK, which is designed by taking all parameters of face coverage in mind. This new and innovative product is an amalgamation of a face shield and a face mask that provides maximum protection apart from being comfortable and easy to handle.

FABMASK saves you from hassle of adjusting your masks and checking everytime you wear, as it has a 2-in-1 formula. Its also acts as face shield and is designed in shape which covers our faces properly.
Regarding comfort while wearing , Fabmask have adjustable straps around head, so the chaos of proper size is no more a problem.
Its 3 layers includes –
• OUTER LAYER: Breathable cotton knitwear fabric.
• MIDDLE LAYER: Melt blown filters smaller particles.
• INSIDE LAYER : Ultra soft fabric gentle on the skin.

FabShield face mask
FabShield face mask

A study published in April in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that a cloth mask offers more protection than a surgical mask for people nearby, which is what a triple layered Fabmask aims to do.
The shield attached to it is detachable easily so anyone can take it off and put it back on as per convenience.

2020 has not been the best year so far with an exponentially growing number of Covid cases and deaths worldwide. It is extremely important to keep ourselves and people in our surroundings safe. Doctors and Scientists have been working extremely hard and Researchers from across the world are working round the clock to create vaccines and medicines to prevent the transmission of this deadly disease. The least we citizens can do is to maintain social distancing and wear Personal protection equipment at all times.

Luckily we have Fabmasks to make life a bit easier for us!

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