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Shia Rai : India’s Premier Haute Streetwear Label
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Shia Rai : India’s Premier Haute Streetwear Label 

India is one of the most diverse countries that blends various cultures, religions, and ideas. The effect of this diversity is evident on our streetwear scene too as we have aesthetics at par with other global communities but with a subtle Indian twist. In India, art can be found in places that they were least expected to be found and the discovery of these ideas has given our streetwear culture a base of culture, history and authenticity.

Streetwear is gaining momentum in India with more and more youth independent labels joining the scene. Shia Rai, a premium Indian streetwear label, is one of these labels that has taken the scene with a storm.

The Sikkim based fashion label draws inspiration from vintage styles and local history. They have designed unique jackets, embroidered tees, grid pants, and even accessories like structured bracelets.

They started making waves back in 2017 owing to their Spring/Summer 17 collection named “Multitudes of Iridescence”. Their women’s wear had a metallic colorway with a touch of colors from the rainbow palette.

Later, their Fall-Winter 17/18 collection had both women’s and men’s clothing lineups which were inspired by the street culture of Japan from the ’70s. Shia’s label has a touch of Japanese with oversized clothing and various overlaying textures. Shia has been a huge fan of Raf Simmons and Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto which is clearly evident in her work.

Space Hoodie

The SS19 collection was inspired by 90’s hip hop culture. The collection comprised of hoodies, tracksuits, cargos, and more. Raja Kumari, a famous songwriter, artist, and streetwear enthusiast was spotted in the brand’s SS19 space clothing collection.


Many small brands are emerging to portray their ideas and are waiting for a breakthrough. Shia Rai’s unique ideology and various inspirations from the Indian streets gave the brand a headstart in comparison to others. Their attire is not over-priced and aims to bridge the gap between Indian and foreign streetwear cultures.

Shia aims to be an inspiration for various female fashion enthusiasts and designers just like Raf Simmons and Yohji Yamamoto had been for her.

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