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Sneaker Care 101 : Basics to maintain your sneakers
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Sneaker Care 101 : Basics to maintain your sneakers 

All sneakerheads know the importance of keeping their kicks fresh but many of them are not aware of the simple methods that can help them out. Instead, they end up ruining their sneakers. A sneakerhead should not try to clean his sneakers unless he knows how to and thus, we have compiled a list of the things you must know to ensure that your kicks are fresh.

1. Discretion is the better part of valor

If you’ve just purchased a clean pair of sneakers and are desperate to wear them, hold on. There is still a chance to protect your sneaker from stains, dirt and any other thing that might ruin its beauty. Any water-repellent spray for your sneakers will not do. You must find the perfect product to suit your needs. You can look up reviews and youtube videos to ensure that your product actually works. We have done the work for sneakerheads in India. Fabshield’s spray does an effective job of preventing your sneakers from getting dirty. Head over to Fabshield to purchase the product(USE CODE FABSENSE20 to avail 20% discount at checkout or head over to STREET SENSE MARKETPLACE for the best offers). It is definitely cheap enough for sneaker enthusiasts to afford and actually works.

2. Know the process

Not knowing how to clean sneakers and still attempting to clean them can be fatal for your sneakers. Sending sneakers for shoe laundry, again and again, can become pretty expensive too. The most viable method is to use a sneaker cleaning spray. (Note: We are only discussing sneaker care and not leather shoes or any other material shoes.) A clean brush will be needed too.

The method:

  1. Spray the sneaker spray over the surface of the shoe.
  2. Ensure that it has been spread properly covering the entire sneaker.
  3. Remove the dust on the sneaker with a brush and use a dry cloth the wipe off the foam after a few minutes
  4. Let the shoe dry in sunlight for sometimes and your shoe will be back to its original unboxed self.

There are many frugal methods for sneaker cleaning too but the one listed above is the best one for your sneakers. For such products in India, Helios is a very good option as they provide a lot of stuff for sneaker care.

3. Sneaker Care on the go

The best option for travel is sneaker wipes. They can be used to remove any kind of stains on the shoe due to dropping something or dirt. It is quick and effective. It does not take too much space in the backpack and is very easy to use.

4. Other measures

The environment in which sneakers are kept also decides their lifetime. A shoebox helps to maintain a sneaker. It is a much better alternative to shoe racks and it also looks good for its aesthetic value. A shoe freshener also helps to prevent a disgusting odor. In India, the best quality sneaker crates (Sole Chest) are available at Street sense marketplace and sneaker freshener at Helios.

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