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An Uncaged Chat with SHAILESH PARYANI
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An Uncaged Chat with SHAILESH PARYANI 

In an exclusive interview with street sense, Mr. Shailesh Paryani, a successful entrepreneur and a sneakerhead revealed his interest in sneakers and talked about his journey in the sneaker world. Shailesh currently runs a set of retail stores of Adidas, Asics, and U.S Polo assn., based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and also owns a chain of multi-brand stores which goes by the name, “Uncaged”.

In his interview with SS, Shailesh talked about a variety of things, his interests, and his own point of view about the sneaker world by generously answering the following set of questions presented before him.

– I am Shailesh, a proud husband, son, brother, and a father of twin angel boys.

shailesh paryani

Q. You tend to keep your life personal which is in contrast to how people behave in social media today. Do you make a conscious effort to stay away from the virtual world?
– well, I don’t think I am a complete introvert, especially when it comes to social media because my wife complains about me being quite active on Instagram. I love sharing my personal views and my personal life on Instagram, which I quiet evident from the isolation day series which I recently posted. But, yes it’s true that I don’t spend a lot of time on Instagram because I am busy with work most of the time and spend the little time I get with my folks instead of being all out on Instagram.

Q. What do you have to say to those people who showcase their collection of sneakers and their knowledge of being a sneakerhead over social media? Does this clout make them a legit part of the culture?
– I would say that it’s a matter of personal space, choice, comfort, and the nature of the person. I personally feel that at least people are bonding because of their one common interest which maybe sneakers, streetwear, or the exchange of knowledge, so kind of!

Q. You come from a family who has been into this footwear business since ages. How has it influenced your personal life and the fact that makes you a true sneakerhead?
– Yes, me and my family has been in the footwear business for quite a long time and it has exposed us to a lot of silhouettes throughout the years. But to me, Fashion was that once space that I’ve always been into throughout my life and Superkicks just inflated it. I love to wear my fancy pants, t-shirts and a pair of sneakers regardless of the concerned occasion. I believe that it’s a matter of personal comfort and following your personal style makes you feel free and uncaged.

Btw I’m no sneakerhead, I just love wearing them.

-Shailesh Paryani

Q. What would you like to suggest to the people who are trying to get into the Indian sneaker world? What should be the correct approach?
– There is no particular way to approach anything because fashion is something very intimate and personal thing. I would rather suggest you experiment with yourself and your fits and eventually you will end up on that one particular style/fit which will be truly yours forever. So, become your own influence and keep experimenting, because no one is going to do that for you.

Q. Which one was your first pair?
– I really don’t remember my first pair because I was around 3-4 years old when I got them. But my first pair which I clearly remember is the Air Barrage Lows 95. I bought them from London back in 1995 and was lucky enough to cop them as they were the last pair left. It cost me around eighty pounds. I would sleep wearing them.

“I remember a guy crossing me on the sidewalk wearing the same pair of shoes, while I was walking with my mom. He smiled at me and I smiled back and that’s how I knew that I bought the right pair.”

-Shailesh Paryani
Air Barrage Low's 95.

Q. According to you, what are the essentials that a Sneakerhead should have in his closet and name some of the pairs with which a person can start his journey of being a Sneakerhead?

– Socks I would say. Some good sneakers that one should have or can begin with, would be Adidas Superstars, Vans oldskool, Converse Chuck Taylors, Nike dunks, and Jordans (especially 1,3,4 and 5).

Q. How do you like styling your sneakers?

– for all my retro dad sneakers, I prefer sporting them in the same way my dad would… A camp shirt, straight fit trousers, a crew socks and the dad shoes, of course. For the contemporary sleeker ones, I prefer sporting them with a straight fit tee, a narrow fit denim, and a pair of ankle-length socks.

Flexing the adidas ozweego with a pair of skinny jeans.

Q. Which one is your most expensive pair?

– I don’t invest a lot on expensive sneakers, although out of my lot, the most expensive one would be the “AJ1 LOW UNC’S”.


Q. Your favorite pair?

– It would be a triple tie between Kobe 5, Kobe 6, and AJ 5.

Q. Just to end, is there anything that you would like to share with everyone and would like people to follow through?

– of course. I would like to say that fashion is a very intimate and personal thing. It is different for everyone. Whatever that brings the best out of you and makes you feel comfortable, is fashion for you.

“Also, I would like to add that no matter how enthusiastic you are, these things are materialistic and what matters the most is your family, friends, and people who live around you. So spend more time with your family and don’t forget to enjoy life!”

-Shailesh Paryani
Shailesh and his family.

After reading his interview one can clearly understand how honest and down to earth Shailesh is, in spite of being so successful and having an empire of his own. Thank you so much, Shailesh for your valuable views and opinion! Wish you all the very best and warm regards from The Street Sense family!

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