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Sneaker Resellers In India – Best ones in the Game
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Sneaker Resellers In India – Best ones in the Game 

Just like how global market is operating for sneakers, the resale culture in India has also grown in past few years, and specially in country like ours it makes more sense not only because of the hype but also due to the fact that we don’t really get a lot of major official releases in stores.

So unlike the global market, we in India specially for resellers, the market ain’t just for the hype but also for certain pairs that might be GR but just hard to cop at stores specially the money sizes.

Now since the counterfeit industry is growing to such a large extent, it becomes very important for all of us as sneakerheads to know who all are the trusted resellers with genuine products.

So here are some of the resellers from India: the guys who have shaped this culture and are true to the community with 100% authentic products


Founded by Karandeep Singh Bansal along with Devgun Sukhija back in 2018 with just an idea of sharing the culture with like minded peeps and serving them with best products at the most comfortable pricing.

Personally, there resales started when they could actually sell off there personal thrashers tee at a sneaker event and rest became just history as thats what made them develop there page on Insta and now they have a community of there own.

At Indian Necessities you will find pretty much anything and everything around street and every other sneaker that you wanna cop. Even if they don’t have it inventory, just connect with them for your desire and thou wish will get fulfilled by our sneaker sikhs from delhi at super affordable premium.

Best part, everything that they resell are off there personal cops.

Hit them up, they will get you sorted for all your streetwear and sneaker needs.


An Initiative by Kushal Soni supported by Harry singh earlier known as sneaker n stuff, started in 2019 only.

The idea behind cop bazaar is as its tagline says to sell the best and cheapest possible. it has not been long for them being in this market but still have managed to serve a lot of people with crazy deals and many even below retail too. Best part – they haven’t restricted themselves just for the Indian market, since day one they have opened worldwide shipping

So all you peeps, even across the border. Connect with them and find yourself some great deals.


Founded by Viraj donzai in 2018. The guy from chandigarh has made his mark since day one by serving his initial few pairs to Indian Celebrities like Manj Musik , Pareenti Chopra, Jazz Dhami, KRSNA and Raftaar and spreading the culture not only with his resale space but also his youtube channel.

With his huge inventory and catering the market with some General releases too at great prices, he has not just served the sneakerheads but our regular masses too, and not just from delhi or chandigarh, but across India.

He always has a huge inventory and because of his stocks and investments, you guys get the best possible deals across his products.

They keep on coming up with big sales over there insta stories and many below retail too.

Just know that he might be your best plug for you to get into the culture.


Started by Manan Malu with the support of Sulaiman Hussain . Been just 3 months since they started but the aspirations and hustle of 17 year old Manan and sulaiman’s experience has made them stand right by the side of some great and experienced players in the game.

Started with the idea of doing something for the community and taking the culture to the masses, cop underdog has managed to not only serve the Indian audience but were present at SOLE DXB 2019 Dubai too.

They not only help you to cop some crazy hype and regular reseller type products but they do have some insane collection of certain asian homegrown brands too like cashless, eastpak and manymore.

The real street if you wanna get into and not the hype part of it, hit them up and cop some real deal , the latest homegrown brands as well as some fire vintage pieces.


Not really a brand but his name itself is a brand in the sneaker community,

Mr Sahil Nandal – If you wanna know more about him as a sneakerhead checkout : Top 5 Legit Sneakerheads of India

He is THE PLUG for most of the sneakerheads in our country and not just the regular us but he has been doing that for celebrities too like Shahrukh khan, Ranbir kapoor and many more.

Besides his personal cops he does a lot of resales off his personal profile and his brand homecourt , steps into pop ups at most of the sneaker events across the country. If not him himself, you would find Diviyaank at his pop ups serving us some crazy drip.

His drip again is also not just around hype but also some of the crazy classic silhouettes in pairs and insane vintage pieces of streetwear is what you would find across the inventory.

So here are these 5 , biggest in the game resellers in India. They are for sure 100% authentic and whats common between all of them is that whatever they do, ain’t just for big revenues or major profits, for them all this is just a passive setup with different primary jobs, but why they do it is for is the COMMUNITY.

The love and passion for streetwear and sneakers.

And just getting together in a space.

Most of them start off doing resales off there personal pairs and personal cops but all they start for is just to get into a space where they can do something for the community and help newbies be a part of such a beautiful culture we all are so passionate about.

So hit them up guys, and even if not for buying something just connect with all of us and be a part of the GANG.

Not to forget Street Sense is also coming up with more inventory for our very own marketplace this year. stay tuned for that too

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