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SUPERKICKS : Sneakers | Street | Studio
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SUPERKICKS : Sneakers | Street | Studio 

6th April, 2018 was the day when when everything changed for the sneaker community specially in Mumbai. The day Superkicks opened their first store.

The brain child of a literal “sneaker fam” born MR SANGEET PARYANI, changed the whole game of sneaker culture in Mumbai along with its influence all across our country with not just their retails but everything that they have done in these past 2 years with their events and some exclusive drops. His experience through his family business of owning master franchises for Adidas since ages and adding that too his personal agency experience has made Superkicks stand out and that’s what made it the cultural driver for all of us in so many ways..

Superkicks started with the idea of SNEAKERS | STREET | STUDIO. With the past, we have seen some great and exclusive drops happening at superkicks. And you can find anything and everything that you might need as a sneaker requisite at one place, be it yeezys or asics or even YLATI too for that matter which is exclusively available only at SUPERKICKS in India.

We have also seen some drops of streetwear but we are sure there’s more to come in that space and the super shocker for all of us will be the time when they reveal their Studio Space.

As we always say, our sub culture is growing every single day in INDIA and for that we need accessibility of our products which ofcourse superkicks and veg non veg are doing but at the same time they are imparting all of us with knowledge that needs to be there for us to drive a healthy culture forward.

Superkicks is now known for their sick events not just for their launch or drops but also celebrating culture and giving a space to all the enthusiasts to come together and live what we all love.

The idea of Superkicks was never just to sell sneakers to the people who love it or know about it, but to spread the culture and knowledge and grow the volume of people who can be a part of this culture.

Not just a sneaker enthusiast but also a rapper, stand up comic or a d j who are in the business of representation but still lie on the fence of our community. This was to bring them all in and give them the same air to breathe and freshen up their souls with the smell of kicks.

Right now Superkicks has two doors in India, one being in Mumbai and another in Banglore along with their online retails at :

Make sure you all check them out and be the part of our culture drivers.

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