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The Last Dance | EP 1 and 2 : Sneakers Spotted
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The Last Dance | EP 1 and 2 : Sneakers Spotted 

Michael Jordan’s documentary ‘The Last Dance‘ dropped a few days ago on Netflix and it has completely lived up to the hype. As expected, the show featured a plethora of sneakers as it was an integral part of Jordan’s character.

In the first two episodes, a lot of iconic sneakers were featured including DR.J’s converse and another mystery sneaker that most people could not identify.

Following this is a list of sneakers that were spotted during the first two episodes of ‘The Last Dance’:

michael jordan and scottie pippen

Air Jordan 13 Cherry

Originally released in 1998, Michael Jordan was spotted wearing this sneaker in a scene where he is seen talking to a fellow Chicago Bulls teammate – Scottie Pippen.

air jordan 13 cherry

michael jordan

Air Jordan 1 ‘Banned’

One of the most iconic sneakers till date, the Air Jordan Pne banned was orignallr released in 1985. The sneaker has been spotted in a scene where the young prodigy is training.

air jordan 1 banned

nike air ship

Nike Air Ship

The pair on the right side is the Air Ship and is a relatively unknown sneaker to other ones on the list. True sneakerheads know about the pair though. It released way back in 1984.

nike air ship

mystery sneaker

Nike Air Enterprise

Another pair that was not recognized by a lot of people was the Niek Air Enterprise. We can see Michael wearing this pair while he was injured. The pair released in 1985 and was part of a tennis collection.

nike aiir enterprise

michael jordan in jordan 1 chicago

Air Jordan 1 Chicago

One of the most versatile and recognized pairs on the list is the Air Jordan 1 Chicago. The pair released in 1985 and still is one of the most famous pairs. Jordan can be seen rocking this pair during his game for the Bulls in which he gets injured.

jordan 1 chicago

michael jordan in court

Air Jordan 11 Concord

The following pair was released in 1995 and has been of the most hyped sneakers till date. Jordan has been spotted hooping in this pair during practice in the above scene.

jordan 11 concord

michael jordan

Air Jordan 13 ‘He Got Game’

The following pair released in 1997 and Michael is spotted wearing the pair on court.

air jordan 13 he got game

michael jordan dunk

Converse Pro Leather

The following sneaker is synonymous with the name of the legendary basketball player- Dr.J A.K.A ‘Julius Erving’. The pair hit streets back in 1976.

converse leather  pro

converse leather pro red

Converse Pro Leather Red

This sneaker is another iteration of the previous one on the list and is spotted during a scene where the Bulls are training.

converse leather pro red

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