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The Last Dance | Episode 4 : Review | Recruitment of Phil Jackson
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The Last Dance | Episode 4 : Review | Recruitment of Phil Jackson 

The fan-favorite ‘The Last Dance’ documentary returned with its fourth episode today. The episode talks about the recruitment and nurturing of Bulls’ coach, Phil Jackson. We learned about his early days and his time as a player at the Knicks where he won two titles, Phil was often called a hippie.

Phil Jackson was the coach of the minor league Albany Patroons, when he was hired by Jerry Krause to be an assistant for coach Doug Collins. He was shook when he saw that the “finest offensive minor in basketball” (according to Krause), Tex Winter, was being ignored by Collins. Tex was the pioneer of the triangle offense game plan which would eventually help spread the burden to take offensive pressure off of Jordan.

eastern conference finals

Jackson assumed the role of Collins after the Eastern Conference Finals of 1989 when the Bulls lost to the Pistons. The following year, he implemented Winter’s triangle offense plan which led to a bigger role being played by players like Scottie Pippen.

winters triangle

After the Pistons, who were considered the “Bad Boys of the NBA” defeated them again in 1990, Jordan and the Chicago Bulls players decided to bulk up, and use the triangle offense plan. The Bulls then took revenge by winning against the Pistons, and then the Lakers, to win the first of six NBA titles in 1991. This match was very controversial as the Pistons did not shake hands and left for their locker room before the match ended. Pistons garnered a lot of hate for the same.

At the end of episode 3, the Bulls give Rodman a 48-hour pass to take a vacation. Jordan however, predicted (accurately) that “the Bull who goes to Vegas stays in Vegas.” Rodman goes on a wild bender with his girlfriend and future wife Carmen Electra. We also learn about his close relationship with Phil Jackson. They bonded over their common interest for Native American artifacts and Phil narrated a couple of stories from his past. He had always recognized Rodman’s lifestyle and didn’t find anything to be wrong with until it hampered his game. He claimed that Dennis was a ‘Heyoka’- a backward-walking person who is very unique.

dennis rodman

The episode is full of insights and knowledge about player perspectives on old controversies. It is a good job of explaining a lot of hidden details too. Indeed, the series lives up to its hype.

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