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This New Balance 550 Is Literally Out Of This World
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This New Balance 550 Is Literally Out Of This World 

Netflix and Sotheby’s have teamed up to drop an inconceivable 1-of-1 New Balance 550 to celebrate the release of Adam McKay’s new movie, Don’t Look Up. Both Netflix and Sotheby’s tapped Manchester – grounded lurker customizer Matt Burgess of MattB Customs to put a spacey touch to a white/ slate New Balance 550. The shoe’s “N” totem and a leather side panel have been replaced with fractions of a pallasite meteorite discovered in the dry bed of the swash Hekandue in the Magadan District, Russia. 

The Seymchan meteorite used to produce the lurkers is dated 4.5 billion times old and was firstly in the core of a comet or asteroid analogous to Don’t Look Up’s fictional Dibiasky Comet. The custom “Dibiasky” 550s comprise 34 meteorite fractions featuring extra-terrestrial chargers of flashing olivine and peridot, ranging in tinges from emerald to amber. The chargers are the result of small gobbets of the stony mantle getting suspended in the molten essence of an asteroid’s iron-nickel core.

Principally, to commemorate the movie, Netflix put a factual meteorite on a New Balance shoe, making it maybe the most special 550 to date. The shoe will be offered for £10,000, with all proceeds serving WWF in a shot to reduce the mortal impact on the terrain. Don’t Look Up features Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, whose characters, Kate Dibiasky, an astronomy grad pupil, and professor. Randall Mindy discovers a comet that’s on a direct collision course with Earth. The “Dibiasky” New Balance 550 will drop on at 12 PM EST/5 PM GMT on December 17.

New Balance 550 “Dibiasky”

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