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Top 10 Adidas Sneakers Of 2021
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Top 10 Adidas Sneakers Of 2021 

  1. Arizona x Adidas Superstar Collection
Arizona x Adidas Superstar Collection

Commonly, the first replication that has surfaced features a premium leather upper that expresses the design of a can of Arizona Iced Tea With Lemon Flavor. Debossed with the drink name’s logo each over, the left shoe is centered around cream and teal, while the right shoe expresses mint and pink. 

Fresh detailing comes in the form of embroidered plates and firmed face emoji dubraes. Imprinting comes in the form of Three Stripes at mid-foot regions, co-branded speeches, Arizona logos at the reverse, published insoles, and watchword pronounced translucent outsoles. Eventually, each shoe comes with swappable laces and a special poke. 

2. The Simpsons x adidas ZX 10000 “Krusty Burger”

The Simpsons x adidas ZX 10000 “Krusty Burger”

The Springfield fast-food restaurant gets converted into shoe form.

The German sportswear bandwagon is linking up with one of the most iconic cartoon votes known to humanity – The Simpsons. On the Three Stripes program, it has a forthcoming ZX 10000 collaboration inspired by the Krusty Burger on the way. 

Design-wise, there’s a boisterous, multi-colored blend of shades present then, all of which are representational of the fictional Springfield-based fast-food restaurant. Dark brown overlays are paired with beige, sesame seed-inspired notes on the forefoot glass that of a tasteful burger bun, and arrive outlined in black to channel kindly of a JoshuaVides-esque aesthetic. 

Also, pops of teal spill onto the stripes and chenille-textured heels as if ripped straight from Krusty the Clown’s hair, while accompanying accentuations of pink, red and vanilla-suchlike tone stress via the girding panels to restate the rest of his outfit and nose. 

Ingrained successes are resolved between Torsion and Trefoil star, the former of which stand out on the blue lace dubraes and in medium-sized fashion on the mid-foot, while the ultimate lands on the speeches and heels. Moving southbound, the midsoles are left with tintless skin and come coupled with water glass treading. 

3. Bad Bunny x Adidas Forum Low “The First Cafe”

 Bad Bunny x Adidas Forum Low “The First Cafe”

In the realm of pop culture, many are making quite the quantum of swells as Bad Bunny. The Puerto Rican artist blessed his global fan base with three albums in 2020 — YHLQMDLG, LAS QUE NO IBAN A SALIR, and EL ULTIMO TOUR DEL MUNDO — dabbled into the world of footwear with Crocs for glow-in-the-dark clogs and indeed lately earned himself the title of “WWE 24/7 Champion”. And now, he’s looking to further impact the sneaker space by kicking off his cooperation with Adidas as he has just advertised his forthcoming Adidas Forum Low “The First Café” collaboration. 

The poet for this design is the very thing that gets Bad Bunny and his creative energy flowing in the morning that essential cup of coffee. The low-slung kicks restate that of the caffeine-invested beverage to a tee by applying colorful tones of brown to premium leather base layers and suede overlays. Mileage features also make their way onto these multiple sneakers similar to the toggles that lie just beneath its puffed-up ankle collars as well as the removable collar buckle system. Lingos substitute the traditional Adidas imprinting for the “LA NOCHE DE ANOCHE” crooner’s hand-eye graphic, and when the forenamed straps are opened, it spells “YO VISTO ASI,” which translates to “I DRESS LIKE THIS/ I DRESS THIS WAY” in English. 

4. Arwa Al Banawi x adidas Forum Low

Arwa Al Banawi x adidas Forum Low

The sportswear brand calls upon Arwa Al Banawi to unveil her unique reduplication of the classic sneaker. 

Teaming up with Adidas Originals, Arwa Al Banawi translates her unique design cues onto the Forum Low. Drawing on her spirit creature, the Ibex, the sneaker’s details are inspired by the “Capra” or “mountain scapegoat family.” 

Comprised of a canvas upper with plume suede overlays, the figure adopts pastel desert tinges revamping its signature three stripes in soft-touch leather, matching its hand-sewed embroidery. Incorporating traditional suiting in a contemporary perspective, its stage-cop-out heel cap is adorned in woven red and white fabrics inspired by Arabic checkered patterns. The sneaker is rounded off with traces of gold including ingrained lace markers, a graphic footbed, and gold antipode binary-ingrained accents. 

The sneaker is a festivity of societies, imaged onto a contemporary art installation in the middle of AlUla — a UNESCO heritage site located in the rocky landscapes of North West Saudi Arabia. 

5. LEGO x Adidas Superstar

LEGO x Adidas Superstar

Drafted from expensive leather, the wearable sneaker arrives in its classic black and white colorway. 

Getting as near to the brick pattern as possible, the figure’s design is elevated with its trademark three stripes, shell toe, and heel tab precisely constructed with the iconic standing-out jigsaw aesthetic. 

Although it may lack some charm from the buildable Superstar, the pair is as close to identical as physically possible. The signature LEGO look is very much reserved for the most part, routed by way of the side stripes, toe, and heel tab. All of which arrive in actual LEGO pieces studded throughout the exteriors with the exception of the adjacent smooth white leathers. The block stitching and logo windows, minute details in comparison show the attention to detail in the pair.

6. Jeremy Scott x Adidas Forum Mid Wings 1.0 “Money”

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Forum Mid Wings 1.0 “Money”

Adidas Originals finally get Scott’s winged sneakers to make an appearance, alongside other fossils including the teddy bear-topped kicks and technicolor high-tops laced with Flintstones-style bones. 

The sneaker features the same graphic elements as the original, honoring the original design that has now become extremely popular. The sneaker also features the same wing attachment, as seen on the original. The $100 bills adorned on the shoe nod to the Forum silhouette’s original price tag back in ‘84.

“What I love about the collaboration with Adidas is it allows me to be equal to be so much more in people’s lives because of the accessibility, the price point, and global distribution — and it lets me be suitable to let my imagination go wild and produce things like the teddy bear shoes, the poodle’s shoes, or the wings,” the designer told Vogue. 

7. Pharrell x adidas Humanrace Sichona

Pharrell x adidas Humanrace Sichona

The lifestyle sneaker line is said to be inspired by Pharrell’s brotherhood with members of the Native American Dakota family, and the model name “Sičhona” roughly translates to “Barefoot,” adopting from the Indigenous expression “ connecting to the earth.” 

Pharell’s Adidas Human race Sičhona features one-piece Prime knit uppers resembling the Ultra boost Uncaged models, updated with Future natural for added comfort and elasticity. A red Human race logo is published across the quarter panels, and the sock-such-like ankle collar is decorated with a sword slate lingo label. 

Freckled round laces run across the mid-foot, and a moldered synthetic midsole and “Human race” textured outsole complete the look. Light blue supplementary laces come with the pair to offer a further various alternative. 

8. Sean Wotherspoon x Adidas Superturf Adventure “Jiminy Cricket”

Sean Wotherspoon x Adidas Superturf Adventure “Jiminy Cricket”

Sean Wotherspoon has reunited with Adidas Originals for a nature-inspired release. Dubbed the SUPER TURF ADVENTURE SW, the new contour is grounded on the Response Hoverturf, which has been adorned with a range of sportful design touches that celebrate the natural world. 

The sneaker’s upper features a multi-colored design, with sections arriving in green, orange, blue, and purple. A purple zip runs up the lingo, giving a glimpse of Jiminy Cricket — from Disney’s Pinnochio — beneath. Wotherspoon chose the character as a reference to his own childhood recollections at Disneyland, and Jiminy Cricket’s appearance on the “ Recycle Please” cases across the resort. 

Continuing this theme, the sneaker utilizes recycled elements across the upper, including a 100 recycled polyester and insole. The upper itself is constructed from 20 recycled polyesters. Rounding out the collection, Wotherspoon and Adidas Originals have rounded the SUPER TURF ADVENTURE SW with an accompanying vesture capsule. 

9. Billionaire Boys Club x Adidas NMD Hu “Astronaut”

Billionaire Boys Club x Adidas NMD Hu “Astronaut”

A cultural icon, Pharrell Williams continues his cooperative sweats with the Three Stripes, this time incorporating his Billionaire Boys Club imprint. 

The interstellar traveler embroidery is embossed onto the forefeet of both shoes, whereas the ribbed, metallic silver upper resonates with the retro spacesuits of the bygone era. Everywhere else the pair appears comparatively simple, with white BOOST midsoles, milky-translucent caging and midsole inserts, lastly a grey rubber outsole underfoot. To complete the design co-branding is featured in the rear and arrives in black.

10. Kerwin Frost x Adidas Forum Hi “Humanchives”

Kerwin Frost x Adidas Forum Hi “Humanchives”

Bringing down the iconic white and blue Forum silhouette, the KF Forum Hi “Humanchives” sneaker boasts the addition of a TPU molded Nose shaped lace jewel, a silicone mouth on the toe bumper, and Kerwin Frost branding on the ankle strap.

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