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Top 10 Converse Sneakers Of 2021
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Top 10 Converse Sneakers Of 2021 

  1. Keith Haring x Converse Chuck 70
Keith Haring x Converse Chuck 70

Keith Haring’s inclusive art gets a bold new oil – The Chuck 70. Paying homage to his iconic delineations chalked on the vacant billboards of the New York shelter, black and white plates depict his hand numbers with pops of red, a scrawled lingo, and black discrepancy heel netting. 

  1. Carhartt Converse Chuck 70 High Brown Camo
Carhartt Converse Chuck 70 High Brown Camo

First on the assortment’s canon is the “Hamilton-Brown” makeup, which takes its nominal tinge and allows it to stain the entire oil body as well as the burnished trouncing that resides just above the midsole. Patches are resolved between the traditional One Star patch on the medium side, as well as the worker maven’s hallmark which rests on the speeches. From there, “Egret” takes care of the rest of the real estate and fleeces the shoestrings, toe boxes, and midsole units. 

  1. Rick Owens DRKSDHW x Converse TURBODRK Chuck 70
Rick Owens DRKSDHW x Converse TURBODRK Chuck 70

Serving as one of two reimaginations of the classic footwear style by Rick Owens, the forthcoming release is described by the developer as “distorting the ubiquitous.” Taking on a white oil construction, the TURBODRK Chuck 70 Ox helps introduce a square toe caff inspired by the platform thrills presented and tête-à-tête worn by Owens in the once many seasons. The shoe also features extended speeches featured by co-branded markers that match the published insoles and license plates planted on the thicker platform-style soles that elevate the shoe. 

  1. Converse Japan Chuck Taylor All Star “Spacesuits” High
Converse Japan Chuck Taylor All Star "Spacesuits" High

Offered in two distinct makeups as part of Converse Japan’s ongoing All-Star 100 series that celebrates Chuck Taylor’s 100th anniversary, each replication of the “Spacesuits” Hi features a crinkly Tyvek upper and thematic accentuations. These range from the classic “Meatball” totem to colorful inverted dimension specs to the nationalistic tones of red, white, and blue. These being the All-Star 100 models, both shoes feature Reply insoles (complete with unique Apollo 11 and Space Shuttle Columbia plates), water-repelling laces, and slightly thicker rubber soles. 

  1. Golf Wang X Converse Chuck 70 High
Golf Wang X Converse Chuck 70 High

From a design viewpoint, Tyler’s rearmost Chuck is sure to be familiar to his longtime fans. It features a cream-colored oil upper with grandiloquent, pink, and blue dears that run from the heel to the forefoot to serve a high-heat summertime style. There’s a classic black and white Each-Star emblem on the medium side of the corner, eyelets add a gusto of metallic tableware into the blend and a white rubber toe cap provides redundant continuity at the front. Midsoles feature pink foxing and a pink heel emblem, while pink outsoles finalize the look. 

  1. DSM Converse Jack Purcell Parchment Black
DSM Converse Jack Purcell Parchment Black

The capsule is comprised of “Black” and “Diploma” makeups, both of which are assembled with oil-lined base layers and traditional rubber toe boxes. The former style is proffered up calls upon a solid black to rig its upper and midsoles likewise. Alongside this, natural white contrasts pop out through the laces and mudguards that kindly give off a tuxedo type of vibe. Also, strips of black stretch across the side and medium sides just above the midsole, the former hosting DSM‘s shack totem towards the heel. 

  1. thisisneverthat x Converse One-Star/Chuck 70 “New Vintage”
thisisneverthat x Converse One-Star/Chuck 70 "New Vintage"

Leading the special range are thisisneverthat’s name takes on the Converse One Star and Chuck 70 models. The thisisneverthat x Converse One Star “New Vintage” features a decoration of blue nubuck upper paired with roughed black rubber midsoles and antique toe fenders. Fresh detailing comes in the form of essence eyelets, stiff black laces, and bright green rubber outsoles. While the thisisneverthat x Converse Chuck 70 “New Vintage” utilizes soft suede featured by aged midsoles, black discrepancy stitching, and the same green rubber outsoles and essence eyelets. Marking both shoes are periodical number textbook detailing on the midsole, engraved lace aglets, special woven markers, patches, and heel license plates. 

  1. Pop Trading Company x Converse CONS
Pop Trading Company x Converse CONS

The sneaker comes in two colorways inspired by Pop Trading Company’s Fall/ Downtime 2020 vesture collection, while a range of design touches elevate the figure beyond its grind functionality. The crucial difference is the dummy “Dragonskin” material used across the uppers, while Pop has also added a leather ingrained insole and its own totem appears in the figure’s “smile” shape. 

  1. Paria Farzaneh x Converse Pro Leather X2
Paria Farzaneh x Converse Pro Leather X2

The developer updates the brace with an inflated sole unit and specialized aesthetic upgrades each around, combining the world of sports and mileage together into one sneaker. Hand nuances, similar to a paisley print appear on the upper half of the mid-panel, while decoration off white leather has been used for the lower half of the upper. 

Essence D-ring eyelets are speckled into the leather eye stays and secure the two-tone rope laces in place, which run up to the Paria Farzaneh- ingrained mesh lingo. Indeed the Converse Pro’s star totem is resolved between the two fabrics on the upper, going to show the position of detail packed into this brace. 

  1. Bandulu Street Couture x Converse Chuck 70
Bandulu Street Couture x Converse Chuck 70

Bootleg and basketball remain at the core of the brand’s identity so when exploring the relationship between creativity and the sport, Converse was the flagrant match. With two sneakers in the immolation, it has redefined the iconic Chuck 70 figure in a “Cappuccino” brown, stretching its hand various makeup-drip detailing into the upper and published midsole. The alternate is the classic Pro Leather lurker coming in a warm, wheat-colored suede with an analogous makeup treatment. 

The lurkers are rounded by basketball-inspired vesture including a “Cappuccino” half-zip hoodie varied by a “Mustard” hood and chenille exaggerated branding, “Mustard” basketball films, and a minimum white tee featuring a line cartoon of a canine in Converse’s Chuck’s and Pro Leathers on its 4 legs. The collection is made complete with a basketball bag, adorned with the same hand-sewed detailed plates. 

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