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Top 10 Reebok sneakers Of 2021
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Top 10 Reebok sneakers Of 2021 

  1. Reebok x Eames Club C 85

Without a dubitation one of Reebok’s most recognized outlines, the Club C now arrives as a part of the couple’s “Monotone Pack” in both black and white colorways. Boasting heritage accentuations like original size lingo labels, squared-off window boxes,co-branded ensigns, and a restored internal arc belt, each take sits atop an archetypal Club C sole. 

Reebok has also teased images of another collaborative release in the form of its “Ray Eames Hand Pack”. Featuring interpretations of Eames’ Composition canvas of 1939, and an each-over fleck pattern take, this fresh pack is designed to celebrate Eames’ bents as a famed visual artist.

2. Maison Margiela x Reebok Classic Leather Tabi High

Maison Margiela x Reebok Classic Leather Tabi High

Inspired by gladiator sandals and appearing in four colorways, the Classic Leather Tabi High uses Maison Margiela’s deconstructed decortiqué morality to its full effect, making for a high-fashion mongrel homage that’s equal corridor sandal and sneaker. 

Conceptualized by Maison Margiela creative director John Galliano, decortiqué products are deconstructed to their core structure and aim to show the frame of a design. On these four high-cut Classic Leathers, this means an exposed midfoot and collar, the ultimate of which is secured by a basketball-shoe-like swatch. The pieces that are left are each done up in rich leather, and Maison Margiela’s autograph Tabi toe splits the forefoot. Super-sized Maison Margiela markers on the lingo round off the look. 

From a color viewpoint, the collection’s boldest style is a hand Bianchetto a black base with hand-painted white details that will mince and fade with wear. The other three options are tonal red, white, and black colorways. Fans of the line may remember that all four of these color schemes have appeared across standard Maison Margiela x Reebok Classic Leather Tabi drops in months past, but no way have all four been used contemporaneously.

3. BEAMS x Paperboy Paris x Reebok Club C Legacy

BEAMS x Paperboy Paris x Reebok

The sneaker is best known for its stark white leather renditions, a finish that allows the sneaker’s enduring profile and construction details to shine through. 

A whoosh-stop tenure around the world – that is the stylish way to describe a collaboration between BEAMS, Paperboy, and Reebok. This is not the first time that the Japanese imprint, BEAMS, has linked up with the Paris-based eatery-turned-label Paperboy, with three former collaborations under their belts, including one with SUICOKE. 

This time around, a simplistic design approach has been operated to attack the Reebok Club C Legacy. In the words of Utada Hikaru’s iconic Kingdom Hearts soundtrack lead, these are “simple and clean.”

For the three-way band up the figure is stripped of all colors. Rather, we see white leather cover every corner of the sneaker. Sportful details can be planted throughout, including Paperboy and Reebok branding in a thin profiled origin at the sidewall and the heel. At the lingo, you will find an aco-branded patch featuring the Paperboy hallmark alongside the BEAMS manual. 

4. Bodega x Reebok Club C 85

Bodega x Reebok Club C 85

The offering was inspired by Club C’s universal heritage, a shoe that has been seen both on the court and in the streets. With the thing of creating a dateless design, the Club C Legacy features a brown, earth, and flowery colorway and is made of leather, suede, and mesh uppers. The shoe also includes a gold antipode Bodega logo. The Club C 85 features a bone colorway with brown detailing. 

As the two brands have worked together since the early 2000s, the new immolation adds to their strong relationship. “We’ve had a great cooperation with Reebok so this collaboration is fitting as we celebrate our fifteenth era,” said Matt Zaremba, Director of Marketing at Bodega. “Having an opportunity to design and envision such a classic contour and be a part of its romanticized lineage is an honor. We’re heated to contribute commodity really special and hopefully reach a new generation in the process.” 

5. Keith Haring x Reebok Club C Legacy

Keith Haring x Reebok Club C Legacy

While a close stock to the former, the ultimate opts for an entirely different theme. Bright reds dress much of the surface, white the trims conterminous, and black the artwork along the side. By comparison, the figure’s standard counterpart is far more graphics-heavy, its entire neutral shell dressed with a plethora of dancing numbers.

Atop their colorways — which proffer white on blue and green on white, independently — art is used as an accentuation. Away from the tag makers, their reverse heels are stretched with the multicolored performance of Haring’s most cherished motifs. 

6. Adidas x Reebok Shaqnosis “Damenosis”

Adidas x Reebok Shaqnosis “Damenosis”

Entrapping the worlds of hip hop, loops, and sneakers, the cooperation features two designs that showcase both players’ affinity for creative expression and music. Adidas dame 7 EXPLY “Damenosis” series consists of pairs that are each presented as a musical “track” nodding to Lillard’s heartstrings on and off the court. The final sneaker will be a surprise common effort between both players. 

26 cycles after its first functionary debut, the Reebok Shaqnosis gets a “Damenosis” treatment with the fusion of Lillard’s autograph shoe and Shaq’s iconic colorway. The uppers and driving present a subtle faded look as inspired by the indelible “Shaq Fu” hat image while the three-eye stays planted at the top suggests RCA connector laces. Both players’ brand hallmarks are elaborated at the heel to seal the cooperative trouble altogether. 

“For a legend who has done so well on and off the court being willing to attach his name to mine and connecting over a shoe, that’s a special honor,” said Lillard in a recent videotaped interview with O’Neal. 

 7. Pyer Moss x Reebok Experiment 4 “Emergency”

Pyer Moss x Reebok Experiment 4 “Emergency”

The presence of these kicks leans on tones that are both neutral and flashy. The former is seen through colorful shadings of gray that see their way onto the mesh base layers, mudguards, heel counters, and split-in-two sole units, while the ultimate is present on the thick lace blanket and toggles which come submerged in a pictorial orange. 

Interior liners slightly peak out and are executed with a solid black jacket, while notes of yellow, blue and orange appear on the engraved heel tabs. 

8. Ghostbusters x Reebok Ecto Boots

Ghostbusters x Reebok Ecto Boots

Where the former capsule recasts the notorious props and widgets of Ghostbusters, this collection goes graphic as it takes alleviation from the movie’s characters. The collection is made up of four well-loved Reebok outlines in adult sizes and one kiddies version of the Zig Kinetica model which looks to Feaster – the movie’s newest, luminescent addition akin to Slimer – in its glow-in-the-dark design. 

Other models include the brand’s pioneering Instapump Fury which becomes suggestive of slime as the sneaker’s defining shapes take on the pictorial magenta sickie-reactive slime pattern. The Ecto Boot in the immolation takes cues from the movie’s collision of new and old, combining the 80s OG Pump shoe with new utilitarian features like a neoprene heel and speed lacing. In the final model, the Answer IV embodies the famous Keymaster and Doorkeeper dogs where the cracked leather body, red eyelets, and slobber details come together to mimic their iconic characters.

9. BAPE X Reebok Insta Pump Fury

BAPE X Reebok Insta Pump Fury

BAPE’s rearmost design indulges in a bold, mismatched arrangement. The company’s iconic APE HEAD camouflage pattern covers the wholeness of the model’s original and fabric upper, with central overlays concluding for green (right shoe) and blue (left shoe) makeups.

One of the brand’s most recognizable ensigns lands on the PUMP system’s button, while the “BAPE STA” textbook reworked with Reebok’s vector symbol is embroidered at the chine. Underfoot, the upper multi-color faculty is neglected, rather proposing a clean white and black combination that allows for the top half to carouse in the limelight. 

10. KANGHYUK x Reebok Classic Leather SRS

KANGHYUK x Reebok Classic Leather SRS

Correspondent to last time’s Zig Kinetica, KANGHYUK’s upcycled Classic Leather is made using recycled airbags to lower the brand’s carbon footmark and offer up a truly unique overall design in the process. The iconic Reebok sneaker is dressed entirely in red and is void of its usual textbook branding, albeit the hand Vector logo can still be decrypted on the side. Tonal stitching holds the slew of ray-cut airbag pieces in place all throughout the shoe, coming together to deliver kindly a patchwork design. 

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