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Top Sneaker Bots Of 2020
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Top Sneaker Bots Of 2020 

It’s very difficult to get your hands on an exclusive pair of shoes these days. Be it Travis Scott ‘dunks’ or Kanye West’s ‘Yeezy’, every single pair on the official online store sells out within 30 seconds of the release. If you don’t know how this is possible, probably you don’t know about sneaker bots. These are advanced applications that helps you to check out within 0.2 seconds and gives you ample time to buy a few more pairs. Yes, it’s unfair but not illegal. So to give you an edge over others and keep you up in the sneaker game here are top 10 sneaker bots of 2020, which will give you a chance to cop the exclusives at a cheaper retail price.

1. AIO (All in One) bot.

AIO (All in One) bot.

The OG sneaker bot which is also considered as one of the most popular and reliable bots of all time, The Aio bot is the first name that comes to your mind when you think of copping. Launched in 2014, Aio bot supports Shopify, Adidas, Yeezy Supply, and mesh sites.

The AIO is undoubtedly the best bot that comes at a reasonable price of $325 dollars along with $69(subscription fee) every six months. The features of Aio bot which makes it successful are responsive support team, automated updates, adding to cart, and checking out even if the website crashes and sending an email after the sneakers are copped.

2. ANB (Another Nike bot)

ANB (Another Nike bot)

 With Nike shifting the sneaker release date continuously, ANB started copping limited edition Nike sneakers from other sites. Not just resorting to Nike official site, gave them the opportunity to buy you the exclusives that you want. ANB started copping from footlocker, Eastbay, Champ sports, and 40 more websites. The best thing about ANB is that it ships around the globe and supports around 100 accounts.

This not also helps to create bulk accounts because the more accounts you have, the more is the chance to get that pair of shoes.  This not also has an auto-retry feature which enables it to retry for the sneaker purchase when the site crashes due to high traffic. ANB focuses a lot on customer feedback and has a lot of happy customers around the globe. The membership price ranges from $325 to $2000 USD.

3.BNB (Better Nike bot)

BNB (Better Nike bot)

Being compatible with most of the online sneaker markets like footaction, eastbay, champ sports, bodega and many more, BNB with it’s diverse options gives you a better chance to cop a sneaker that you crave for.

It gives you a chance to make unlimited accounts to buy kicks for your family and loved ones too. Proxy support of a sneaker bot is very essential in order to keep your personal information confidential and BNB support proxies thus making the experience more secure and safe. The advanced keyword finder system makes it very easy to search for sneakers and the updates are also free of cost. There are two subscriptions first the normal one which costs around $200 and then an ultimate subscription supporting up to 3 PC’s which costs $600. The only issue regarding the bot is the lack of 24*7 customer support, otherwise, it is full of great features which makes it easy to use.

4. Easy Cop ultimate bot.

Easy Cop ultimate bot.

Packing a lot of great features and adding new websites list on a daily basis, Easy Cop ultimate is considered one of the best sneaker bots on the internet. It is compatible with Adidas, flotation, footlocker, Eastbay, and many more. The advanced feature like supporting multiple accounts gives you a better edge to get the sneakers you want. The best part is that it has a foot site account generator feature which saves your time and energy to set up your account in different sites.

It also has a restock monitor that notifies you before the restock of limited edition sneakers which were sold out previously. The advance countdown support is one feature which helps you to add the sneaker to your cart before the release and check out before others can. This bot also supports proxies and has a lifetime of free updates. There are three subscription packages which are $95, $225, and $495, each of them having their own set of features. Unfortunately, even after having such great features this bot lacks good customer support and review.

5. Sole Slayer bot.

Sole Slayer bot

This bot might not be as good as AIO or ANB, but is still in the competition and one of the best sneaker bots online. The strange thing about this bot is that it only supports four websites namely,  footlocker, Eastbay, champ sports and foot action. Although to cop your favorite sneakers it is not necessary to have the support of numerous websites, few major ones are just enough. It has features like multiple accounts and automatic bulk editing for all your fake accounts. The bot has free updates for lifetime and is very user friendly. Having a great customer support is something which makes them more reliable and popular.

The unique thing about this bot is that it handles errors very easily. It’s something like you can relax all day and the not will do all your work. This is something which makes the overall experience smooth and soothing.

The sole Slayer package has four different plans ranging from $150 to $550. Each package has a given amount of tasks which ranges from 5 to unlimited. This bot will help you cop yeezys and Jordans, but is only supported on Windows which is considered as a major disadvantage.

6.  Sole seeker bot.

Sole seeker bot.

Currently supporting five major websites, Footlocker, Nike, supreme NY, Finish line, and Eastbay, sole seeker has good features and advance technology for thier bots. This bot supports unlimited accounts, supports proxies, supports multi-thread application which helps you run up to 1000 accounts at the same time and has a lifetime of free regular updates. It also includes features like advanced countdown support which helps you to add the sneakers to your cart before the countdown ends.

The specialty of this bot is the Winsock technology. This tech makes their bot ultra fast. This allows you to cop sneakers without lag or any performance issues. The customer support system is remarkable with a live chat option as well. The only con it has is that it supports only 5 websites, but that’s not a major issue because it’s advanced features that help you to cop your favorite pair even though it has limited market reach.



Kodai has been one of the most successful bots of 2019. Although it may not be that famous, this sneaker bot has a smooth interface and is easy to use. It supports sites like Footlocker EU, Adidas, Shopify where most you can get hold of the major drops.

Kodai also helps you to cop from the restocks if you somehow missed the release. The subscription is a bit expensive which costs around $350 for two months although it has no free updates.

8.Cybersole bot

Cybersole bot

Somewhat a newbie which came out around 2017, the cyber sale is one of the most popular bot in the game right now and has a huge success rate. This makes reselling the bot itself very profitable and one can be ready to buy it before the next drop if they are willing to spend a lot of cash.

It has earned its name by successfully copping Yeezy, Jordans, and off-whites from Shopify sites. It also supports sites like supreme and mesh. The features include unlimited tasks, iOS support, proxy support, and Capta silver feature. This bot has a unique feature which is the mobile companion app which remotely controls the bot. This bot has a consistent success rate and the subscription price stands at a reasonable $360.

9. Sneaker bots for all

This bot comes in different packages with different price tags. This gives you a chance to choose the features to want to save your money on unnecessary features.  The bot supports over 35 websites and has an automated add to cart option. The features include having a Twitter scanner, restock scanner, and an automated checkout system.

This bot also supports proxies in order to keep your data confidential and easily create multiple accounts. The cost of this bot varies from a mere 15 dollars to $375, each package having its own set of features.

10. Supreme hot bot.

Supreme hot bot

As we all know that supreme has a very limited stock and a raffle to get a chance to visit a store. So the only chance left to easily cop supreme products is the online store. The supreme hot bot is one of the most popular bots in the market which helps you to do so.

The best part is that it also has a demo version which allows you to know and understand the process but of course not buy anything! The salient features are human intimation, auto restocks checks, service rationalization, multiple perform support, constant updates, and proxy support. All these features come in a fair amount of $120.  So next time you think of a bot to cop your fav supreme stuff, Supreme hot bot is just the bot that you’re looking for.

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