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TRAVIS SCOTT with Wild Collection of ” JACKBOYS MERCH”
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TRAVIS SCOTT with Wild Collection of ” JACKBOYS MERCH” 

Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack imprint has dropped a new capsule of Jackboys merch. Whereas the previous drop consisted predominantly of apparel featuring photographs by Harmony Korin, this drop is entirely made up of wild accessories.

These range from a car cover and the aforementioned riot shield to a JBL subwoofer (sold out at time of writing) and the neon face mask seen on the cover of Jackboys.

jackboys merch face mask

Of all the crazy things available as part of Travis Scott’s Jackboys merchandise collection, the makeshift riot shield has to take the cake. The fact that no one needs a riot shield in their normal day-to-day life makes the piece so intriguing and at a surprisingly affordable $120, we’re surprised it hasn’t sold out yet.

jack boys merch

Each piece features art or imagery from Cactus Jack’s recently-released compilation album, JACKBOYS. The merchandise is only available for a limited time before being pulled from the store. Previous drops are also still available online.

Lastly, you can also sign up for the auctioning of the Cactus Jack 1988 BMW E30 M3, which is showcased.

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