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Travis Scott’s Astroweek to Receive an Exclusive SNKRS Pass Release
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Travis Scott’s Astroweek to Receive an Exclusive SNKRS Pass Release 

Travis Scott always does it big and his music jubilee is no exception. Astroworld began as a single-day experience before it grew into a weekend-long event. Now, Travis is expanding the jubilee indeed further, doing a week-long preemption in Houston, Texas. The Cactus Jack army has a long list of events lined up for Astroweek, including an exclusive SNKRS Pass release.

Attendees of the Astroweek Festival will have the chance to buy a pair of sneakers at “Space Village” through Nike’s position-grounded release system on November 2nd and 3rd. As of now, there’s no suggestion as to what shoe will be available. It could be a restock of his multitudinous vented-out lurkers that dominated the time or potentially commodity new. 

Travis’ Nike Air Max 1 “Cactus Jack” has yet to admit a drop date, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see it pop up as the Astroweek release. We can’t imagine that this drop will be anything short of insanity, but Nike has successfully used this release system in history at other major events. Yet we all know that the SNKRS app tends to be complicated, especially with anything related to Travis Scott, so hopefully, effects go according to plan.

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