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Unveiling the Ylati SS 20 collection: A “Superkicks” Exclusive
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Unveiling the Ylati SS 20 collection: A “Superkicks” Exclusive 

YLATI, an avant-garde sneaker brand based out of Napoli, Italy recently released its much awaited SS20 collection. The collection comprises of many different silhouettes, all of premium quality. Well, brought to you by “SUPERKICKS”, this collection is available in India exclusively in both its retail outlets and online stores. Want to know more about the collection?


This shoe came out in two colorways, Black and White Fluo and has a silhouette similar to other dad shoes already available in the market. But what’s interesting about this particular pair is that in spite of being chunky, the shoe is very lightweight. Both the colorways have crazy detailing and look absolutely cool on feet. This shoe has an urban touch for a sophisticated street look yet is super comfortable to wear. Talking of the materials used, the toe box is made out of mesh whereas the rest of the upper is made up Italian soft Nappa leather and suede. The midsole is quiet broad. Well, deciding which colourway is better might be one’s personal choice but the white variant with neon detailing is the definitely the one which will help you stand out!


A sneaker which looks more like a trainer but has a characteristic bulkiness associated to it, the Maiori 2 comes in two classic colorways, grey and red. This particular shoe has an upper which has more mesh and less leather. The shoe is lightweight, comfortable and has an amazing texture on the tongue which further advances to the heel part of the upper. The element primarily responsible for the unique look of the sneaker is the laces (especially the pink ones in the grey variant). The laces are elastic and comes with a lace lock which saves your energy to lace up your sneakers but offers the same comfort! The white midsole is quite thick which ensures comfort to the wearer.


The first thing that comes to your mind after looking at this particular pair is that the similarity of the silhouette that it shares with Louis Vuitton X Virgil Abloh collection. Although, there are major differences in the detailing of the sneaker. The shoe upper is made up of mesh and Italian leather. The Ylati branding is present on the heel and the tongue. The best thing about this particular sneaker is its sole! Both the midsole and outsole comprises of transparent material which enhances the look of the sneaker and this feature might give it an edge over its contemporaries. The shoe comes in two amazing colorways, “White Royal” and “Black Red”.


This sneaker might not look very special and that is something that actually makes it stand out from the rest of the pairs in the collection! This sneaker has a universal, “Chuck Taylor” kind of silhouette and comes in a single “All Black” colorway. This sneaker has no detailing apart from the branding done on the tongue. If we talk about the material used, it’s all canvas with a few leather panels all in black. The special thing about the sneaker is the high quality of the canvas which is used in the making of the pair and its minimalistic look which allows anyone and everyone to wear it! So if you’re looking for a pair which would look good with anything that you wear, ALASSIO 2 would probably be the right pair for you!


A white sneaker is a pair that one should have in their closet! This sneaker is made out of premium materials primarily leather. This pair comes in a single colorway which is white/blue. The heel of the sneakers has blue leather panels stitched in the upper. These sneakers are something wearable for any occasion. The feature which makes this pair different from other white sneakers available in the market is its broad platform midsole. In every way, this pair is a no brainer which can be worn anytime and anywhere!


The first look at this chunky sneaker gives you a vibe similar to Balenciaga triple S, both through its colorway and its silhouette. The upper of this sneaker is a mix of leather, mesh and suede used in different colors for the purpose of color blocking. This particular pair has a lot of detailing such as the modified eyelets, strap on the heel and a disc like opening on the front side panel to mention a few. This shoe has visible stiches that add to its aesthetics along with other minute detailing. Again, in spite of the chunky look this shoe is absolutely lightweight. What makes this shoe unique is the outsole of the shoe. It is the only shoe in the collection that has a “Vibram” outsole; an outsole meant to provide superior grip. The shoe comes in a single colorway which is Red/Blue.


This urban runner shoe is more aligned towards the category of lifestyle sneakers which comes in a single “All Red” colorway. It has a classic silhouette and has a semi-formal vibe attached to it. Ylati has used minimalistic approach in the design of this sneaker. The upper of the shoe is made up of premium Italian leather and the laces are white with red and blue detailing. This sneaker has a very cool midsole design which enhances its complete look. Well, if you’re looking for a sneaker that you make your “all black” outfit pop out, the “Pompei 1 red” is the pair which would help you do so!


This sneaker is undeniably the most unique sneaker of the whole SS20 collection. Somewhere, it can be considered similar to Balenciaga Track Trainers, although it is not a knockoff! Of course it has many other details which sets it apart from the former! The upper is completely made up of leather, except the tongue which is made out of mesh. Both the lateral and medial panels of the sneakers have windows which increases the breathability of the shoes. The shoe is very light in weight and extremely comfortable. The soft and foamy insole hugely contributes to that! The midsole of this sneaker is very unique in its design and further enhances its overall aesthetics and functionality! The best part about this sneaker lies in the styling of this pair. Depending on how you want to style it; Colorful, printed or even with a pair of plain white socks, you can enhance the look of pair by giving a touch of your own personal creativity!

So, that was everything about the YLATI SS20 collection! All these sneakers are very different from each other but indeed they share some common features like being released in a very limited amount, made out of the highest quality of Italian leather, the sole being stitched and glued for more durability and the appealing look.

Go and check out the “SUPERKICKS” store near you or the online site to see what’s available at the moment! This collection is only and exclusively available at SUPERKICKS INDIA. The price range of the sneakers varies from 13k to 20k only and if you ever think that it’s too much to spend for a pair of “not so hyped” sneaker, just remember that these sneakers are of the highest quality and exclusively “HANDCRAFTED”!
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