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Vans SK8 High “Reissue Cap” : An Aesthetical Masterpiece
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Vans SK8 High “Reissue Cap” : An Aesthetical Masterpiece 

Vans made a comeback in India in 2020 and this pair right here is probably one of the best ways to do so! The Vans sk8 Hi Reissue Cap sneakers are not just any regular pair of sneakers but are more of a special kind of sneakers which carry a “reconstructed” or to be more precise a “Deconstructed” vibe with it. To discuss more on this, here is a detailed review of this exclusive release which will help you to learn more about the pair!

This pair was originally released in October 2019. Although, in India it was released as an “SUPERKICKS EXCLUSIVE” on 3rd of June, 2020. The shoe came out in two colorways which were “Blue Print” and “Pink icing”. For the purpose of packaging, instead of using a special set of boxes like it does for major collaborations, Vans used its classic SK8 high box for this one.

vans sk8 hi reissue cap

The shoe consists of two materials which have been majorly used in the construction process. The first one is Suede, which has been used in the toe cap, the heel side of the upper and the tongue. The second one is canvas which has been used on the side panels both the lateral and medial side.

vans sk8 hi reissue cap

This pair consists of many minor yet essential detailing which successfully gives it a “Deconstructed” look. Starting off with the “Zipper” on the side panel, this is something which contributes to both the utility and look of the shoe. So, all you need to do is lace up your sneakers for just one time after which you can easily use the zipper to put your shoes on or off. This concept of a zipper element was previously seen in Nike Jordan 1’s flyease.

vans sk8 hi reissue cap

Coming to the side panel of the lateral side, the “Jazz Stripe” or commonly referred to as the “Old Skool Stripe” is made up of leather and has visible stiches on the periphery which enhances the look. The mid sole of the lateral side has the classic “vans off the wall” branding which is normally seen on the heel side of the shoe.

vans sk8 hi reissue cap blueprint

Coming to the medial side, the detailing out here is quiet less in comparison to the lateral side. The jazz stripe on this side is just stitched on the canvas just covering the perimeter of the stripe. A semicircular patch is also present on the midsole, just adjacent to the toe which features a checkerboard pattern.

vans sk8 hi reissue cap pink icing

The toe cap of the shoe is made up of suede and has two parallel stich lines which are also parallel to the toe cap itself. The heel of the shoe is also made up of suede, but has an uncut or a raw edge towards the midsole which again contributes to the main idea of creating a “deconstructed” look.

Well the SK8 high by Vans is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable models highly preferred by skaters and this “REISSUE CAP” edition does not compensate on the utility and comfort of the pair. Rather it increases it by adding elements like the zip, which also increases the aesthetic value of the pair.
Both the colorways are equally good. While the pink icing is meant to stand out, the Blue print is something which is comes in a universal color and can be paired up with apparel more easily.

Its quiet true that “Vans is the no. 1 skateboarding shoe company” as the branding on the tongue of the pair suggests which makes it a must have for all the skateboarders out there. This pair is exclusively available in the SUPERKICKS store in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. So if you want to cop this pair for a price tag of INR 7,499/- only, you can visit their store or hop on to their website

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