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Veg NonVeg :  India’s first Multi Brand Sneaker store
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Veg NonVeg : India’s first Multi Brand Sneaker store 

2016, was the year when everything changed for the Indian Sneaker community. Finally we had a place where we could find all the best pairs across all the big brands under one roof. We finally got a multi brand sneaker curation just like how in US we have Footlocker, Stadium Goods and Flight Club.

Initiated by two most of the most crazy sneakerheads we all know

Mr. Anand Ahuja : Read more about him at- Top 5 Legit Sneakerheads of India

and Mr. Abhineet Singh

They started this space only with an idea of making kicks more accessible for buying and bringing all the pieces under one roof so that there is something for everyone and no one has to look around different stores to find whats best for them.

They opened their first store in Delhi but now they have doors in Mumbai and Bangalore too besides their online marketplace :

They have been pioneers and have been doing great stuff for Indian sneaker community.

Be it organizing some great sneaker exhibitions or getting some exclusive drops for India.

They have literally revolutionized the whole sneaker scene in India. Not only because of making it more accessible for the masses but also by sharing true knowledge and experience behind each and every sneaker and the culture associated with it. Which in turn has helped a lot of people to fall in for Sneaker not just for the utility or hype but also for the culture.

Its not just a space where you go to buy sneakers, but its a whole experience. You all can just go and grab some drinks at the store. Look around. Know about sneaker. Understand what goes behind the curation.

and grab a look their streetwear collection too.

Yes, started from sneakers, but they have entered the streetwear space too.

With season drops, they have managed to drop some fire pieces and give India the taste of some real Streetwear and marked us to the global map.

Well this is not it. But they have managed to have a collaboration with Fila for an exclusive colorway of mindblowers just for VNV

Whatever we write about them will always be less for what they have done and what they plan on doing.

All that we would say is thank you to the entire team of VNV for giving us such a space in India and changing the whole sneaker game for all of us.

The experience that we get each and everytime with VNV is nothing less than best.

Thanks to the entire team who is currently working and has worked with the brand.







And everyone else too, because we are sure there are more to these who stay behind the curtains but do as much to give us the experience.

Make sure you guys follow VNV and all these amazing people for some great content and big drops for India, Because if it will be in India. There’s no other better place for the drop.

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