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VEJA : The Vegan Sneaker Brand | Now In India
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VEJA : The Vegan Sneaker Brand | Now In India 

Anand Ahuja, founder of sneaker store Veg-Non Veg, and the clothing brand Bhaane worked alongside French footwear brand Veja, to bring their shoes to India. If you don’t know what ‘Veja’ is let me introduce you to one of the biggest sustainable and ecological sneaker brands out there. Veja’s products use organic cotton, wild rubber from the Amazon, recycled plastic bottles, and vegan- vegetable-tanned -leather.

prince harry and meghan markle in veja

The brand, due to the environmentally-conscious aspect of it, has become widely popular, and even got celebrities like Emma Watson and Reese Witherspoon to wear, and represent them. In October, The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, wore a pair of Veja to watch an Invictus Games sailing event during the official tour she took through New Zeland, Australia, and Fiji with Prince Harry. Not only these celebrities, but Rick Owens actually collaborated with Veja to make a collection in the past.


Due to the brand’s social consciousness and efforts to make the world a better place, many celebrities have rocked their pairs too. Emma Watson, Reese Witherspoon, and even Meghan Markle.

The brand even collaborates with Rick Owens in the past.

veja x rick owens

The brand uses a certain waterproof mesh on the soles of it’s sneakers, which is made from recycled plastic bottles which are collected from the streets of Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. These bottles are then crushed, and turned into fiber.

In addition to this, the French brand uses vegetable-tanned leather, meaning that it is chrome-free leather, and instead uses acacia extracts, and a natural tannin, unlike the conventional method where the leather is tanned with heavy metals like chrome, which is a pollutant which causes a lot of damage to the water bodies surrounding the tanneries.

The creative director of Bhaane -Nimish Shah- picked the 2020 India Art Fair as the launch event, in New Delhi. During this announcement, there was a special moment when a photo -essay about sneakers by Karan Singh Sachdev, was unveiled. It displayed sneakers at different religious spots in Mumbai and Benares. The underlying message was that all people are equal as you have to remove your sneakers to enter a religious place.

Veja claims ecological and fair trade conditions and to work with cooperatives of small producers and social associations in Brazil and France. 

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